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  • Bioinformatics Studies at ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School: Behind the Scenes

    Identifying hereditary diseases, preserving endangered species, and expanding the theory of evolution – these are just some of the challenges tackled by bioinformatics engineers. Today, these specialists are in demand across the scientific spectrum: in biotech, medicine, and even agriculture. One place where you can train to be one is at ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School – as part of the Master’s program Applied Genomics. The program’s new head, the bioinformatics researcher Mikhail Raiko, tells us all about studies and careers in this fascinating field.


  • ITMO Scientists Are First to Assemble Jaguarundi Genome

    A research team consisting of scientists from ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University, and the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology SB RAS have assembled the genome of jaguarundi, a puma species that inhabits Central and South America.


  • Scientists From ITMO and the US Assemble New Reference Genomes of Two Malaria Mosquito Species

    This project will help researchers better understand the genetics of insects spreading this dangerous disease. For instance, biologists got the opportunity to search for regions of mosquito genomes responsible for connection with the pathogen and for their feeding behavior. The authors of the project believe that in the future they will provide their colleagues with new tools to prevent the spread of malaria. The results of the project were published in GigaScience. 


  • ITMO Launches a New Master’s Program in Applied Genomics

    The program will train researchers and specialists in introducing genomics and bioinformatics into industry and healthcare. Over the course of the program, students will acquire sequencing methods and the methods used in genetic engineering, as well as programming and data analysis for genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, and their combinations. The program will start at the basics, so there are no strict entry requirements for applicants. The program is offered in English. 


  • Top Nine Questions About Genome Decoding

    These days, we often hear about scientists having decoded the genome of this or that species. ITMO.NEWS and Aleksey Komissarov, a researcher at ITMO’s SCAMT Institute, explain what DNA is, how it helps us study animal ancestry, and in what way DNA testing differs from genome research.


  • Genome Analysis Shows Common Ancestry Among Pskov, Novgorod, Yakutia Populations

    Scientists have carried out the first-ever analysis of the full genome of representatives of Russia’s various ethnic groups. Using specialized software, they traced the development history of several of these groups. In the future, the resulting data can be used in other valuable research, such as in identifying genetic risk factors in various populations of Russian people. The results of this study were published in Genomics.