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  • Get to Know the ITMO.NEWS International Editorial Team

    Within the Internationalization Office, a department that seeks to make ITMO fully accessible to international guests both online and offline, there is a group of people responsible for English-language content on ITMO.NEWS. They tell you all about ITMO, quirky Russian traditions, self-improvement experiments, and the things we are passionate about. On social media, they entertain you with handy tips, home-cooked memes, and all sorts of engaging content. But who are they? Read on to find out.


  • Dancing, Fencing, and Ultimate Frisbee: Get to Know Three KronBars Coaches

    For this new installment of our get-to-know series, we’ve decided to talk to several coaches from ITMO’s acclaimed KronBars student sports club. It was hard to choose just several among the over 50 sports clubs available, so we went for the sports we wanted to try: ballroom dancing, fencing, and ultimate frisbee. What’s the best way to stay in shape? Where does one look for inspiration or second wind? Find out in this interview.


  • Get to know ITMO’s Russian Language Teachers

    The first people international students often come in contact with are their Russian language teachers who help them take their first steps in their new country and give them the tools to navigate the language and culture as they settle in. ITMO offers a Russian foundation course for those who want to later enrol in an all-Russian program, as well as Russian language courses to support students through their degrees. There are many wonderful teachers behind all the success our international students make in learning Russian, and in this article we get to know a bit more about some of them.


  • Get to Know ITMO’s Food Biotech Specialists

    Baking bread, brewing beer, and making marmalade might sound like a fun way to spend your workday, but their work at the Faculty of Biotechnologies allows our experts to explore the fundamentals of food biotechnologies, functional foods and food storage methods. When they’re not saving the planet from hunger with their innovative research and educating the next generation, they also have their hobbies and interests. So, we decided to get to know some of them in this feature. 


  • Get to Know ITMO’s International Office Staff

    With all the wonderful services and people found at ITMO’s International Office, it can be difficult to tell where to go and who to talk to. So, we want to introduce you to a few of the staff on our dynamic team to help make them even more approachable. What do they love to eat, listen to, read or visit? Find out in this article!


  • Get to Know ITMO’s Student Services Office Staff

    It wasn’t too long ago that we were just becoming familiar with the work of the Student Services Office. Their wonderful team makes every effort to help students with all their needs, answer all their questions, and solve all their problems. Now, you can get to know more about some of the team members and take a deep dive into their interests, favorite locations in the city, and some of the quirky aspects of working at the Student Service Office.


  • Get to Know ITMO’s Soft Skills Lecturers

    Meet our well-rounded Soft Skills gurus in the continuation of our Get to Know series! Here they share all about their favorite books, movies, and travel tips, as well as throw in their expert explanation of why soft skills are the key component of your success both as a professional and a human being.


  • Get to Know ITMO's Robotics and Control Specialists