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  • ITMO Master’s Student On Explaining Art By Means Of Multimedia

    Arina Mezhenina is finishing her Master’s program “Multimedia Technologies for Theatre, Cinema and Television” at ITMO’s Educational Center of Graphic Technologies. She also takes part in organizing the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, makes short videos and studies the principles of popularizing the ideas of art pieces by means of multimedia. Read about how multimedia technologies can help bring a painting to life without losing the author’s message, and how Arina plans to combine activities in the field of arts and organization of major cultural events.


  • VR and the Future of Digital Art: The Fourth International Animation Assembly in St. Petersburg

    In late October, the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design hosted the Fourth International Animation Assembly. One of this year’s main topics of roundtable discussions, lectures and workshops was the use of digital technologies. ITMO University showcased virtual reality tech in a special demo area at the event. ITMO.NEWS learned how students create thesis projects at the intersection of art and science, and put down the highlights from a lecture by digital artist Rinat Khabirov.


  • How to Make the Perfect User Interface

    A good user interface takes into account human flaws, minimizes mistakes and users’ irritation. But how do you create a coherent interface? Why is it so important to know about user experience design and what should one learn to create software that would “speak” to its users? We spoke to Andrey Balkansky, senior lecturer at ITMO’s Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, who recently completed the “User Interface and Information Representation” course at Artem Gorbunov’s Design Bureau in Moscow. The course was conducted by renowned Russian designer Ilya Birman.