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  • ITMO University, Gazprom Neft, and Innopolis University Organize Online Hackathon Blockchain.Hack

    Participants will tackle a range of practical tasks suggested by the partners, all centered around the subject of blockchain technologies. The top teams will receive monetary prizes as well as the chance to continue their collaboration with Gazprom Neft and Innopolis University. Applications are accepted until November 30. The event will take place in Russian, but is open for non-Russian citizens.


  • ITMO University Students Win the Rosneft Robotics Hackathon

    ITMO university team Desyatochka (Russian for “ten”) became the winner of the Robotics Hackathon in Ufa and team ITMO-1 received a special award in the Interesting Solution category. Learn more about the participants’ preparation, winning strategies, and future plans in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • Seize an Opportunity to Participate in an Online Hackathon by DIT4BEARs

    The hackathon is meant to help implement information technologies in the Barents Euro-Arctic region. As part of it, the participants will work on tasks provided by companies from Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The attendees will be granted the chance to join a digital internship at one of those companies.


  • Computer Graphics and Machine Learning Conference GraphiCon-2020 Begins in St. Petersburg

    On September 22-25, ITMO University is hosting the international conference GraphiCon-2020. Established in 1991, the conference is a key event for specialists in the world of computer graphics and adjacent fields.


  • ITMO Students’ Foodsharing App Wins at Digital Breakthrough Hackathon

    Dmitry Puzyrev, Andrey Velts, and Aleksandr Shcheblykin became the winners in the 2020 Digital Breakthrough hackathon’s nomination VK Mini Apps.


  • Winners of ITMO.STARS Talk About Their First Year at ITMO University

    In this article, we will share the stories of ITMO University students who were admitted to study at ITMO based on their projects and research.


  • ITMO Hosts MemoryHack: New IT Services for a Project About Veterans

    Due to the pandemic, every grand public event, including Eurovision, Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, has been cancelled. The many online competitions, on the other hand, have grown even more popular. For instance, 113 programmers and web-developers from all over Russia took part in the MemoryHack remote hackathon. According to the event organizers, they have received five times more applications than expected. The participants had 36 hours to design new services for Memory Road, a project about the veterans of World War II. Among the winners of the contest are ITMO University students, who told us about their projects and impressions of the online hackathon.


  • HackUniversity: ITMO Students Become Award Winners at First Distributed Hackathon

    On March 20-22, the national university hackathon HackUniversity took place. This is the first time that the competition has been conducted online: over 90 teams solved cases and communicated with organizers in real-time mode. The four teams that became the competition’s award winners were from ITMO University. We talked to the members of team Inview and learned about the hackathon’s proceedings and the solution they proposed.


  • Machine Learning Hackathon by Botan Investments and AMZScout Takes Place at ITMO University

    A large-scale machine learning hackathon with a total prize fund of 425,000 rubles took place at ITMO University in March, with more than 100 people taking part. Among the sponsors were the AMZScout company and the Botan Investments foundation. Read on to find out more information about the hackathon’s tasks, winners, and rewards in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • First ITMO Ecohack Participants Create Automatic Waste Sorting System

    ITMO University has recently hosted its first environmental hackathon. The contest, co-organized by the ITMO.GREEN eco-club and ITMO Case Club, took place at Business Incubator Ingria. The participants had to come up with a way to automatize paper waste collection at ITMO University. Read on to learn more about the outcome of this hackathon and the prospects of the project.