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  • IT and Chemistry for New Medicine: ITMO Hosts Digital Pharmacology Hackathon

    Recently, ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, the AI platform Sintelli, and the Moscow Center for Intelligent Healthcare organized a hackathon focused on predictive modeling in digital pharmacology. The participants brainstormed machine learning models that can accelerate the production of novel medicines, reduce their side effects, and, importantly, limit animal testing. Over 100 students from 47 Russian regions joined the contest, with the winners sharing the 1-million-ruble prize and securing their places in the online Master’s program Chemistry Software.


  • Two ITMO Teams Win Web3 Games Hackathon

    Teams Nutcrackers and Valhalla games shared the first place at a recent Web3 games Hack contest, with the first team taking home $1,500 and the second – $500. Both teams will make their games available on TON Play, Telegram’s gaming platform.  


  • Hackathon To Develop New Skills for Yandex’s Virtual Assistant Concludes at ITMO

    Yandex’s virtual assistant, Alice, has developed several new skills thanks to the hackathon organized by ITMO’s Higher School of Digital Culture in cooperation with the company. The competition took place on March 4-26. The new functions include assisting students during exams and even helping users connect with potential friends.


  • ITMO Students Win ChatGPT Hackathon

    Using OpenAI’s hot commodity software ChatGPT, a team of ITMO students programmed a Telegram bot that puts together a selection of ITMO events using data from various sources.


  • ITMO’s Team Wins Hackathon at International RoboFinist Festival

    Team BE2RLab from ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics became the winner at the hackathon held by StarLine company. The competition took place at the international robotics festival RoboFinist. ITMO students managed to program a robotic platform and successfully helped a blind robot get out of a maze.