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  • ITMO Graduate and Serokell Co-Founder Arseniy Seroka on Science, Haskell and Working Out of Office

    In 2015, ITMO University alum Arseniy Seroka and his Riga-based colleague Jonn Mostovoy founded a company that has now grown to 60 people. The team doesn’t have an office, rigid working hours or a dress code – today, Serokell is powered by specialists from different parts of the world, living in different timezones. Such an unconventional structure doesn’t hinder the company from growth and development, supporting ITMO’s international “Computer Technologies” laboratory, and leading research projects at the university. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Arseniy shares about why it’s important for an IT company to help young scientists, how Serokell is writing a book about their unique collaboration format, and why you shouldn’t take the easy route if you dream about a successful career in IT.