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  • ITMO Team Successfully Presents Proposal for Advanced Engineering School

    Representatives of ITMO University unveiled the university’s proposal for an advanced engineering school to a committee of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The establishment of such cutting-edge schools is the goal of an initiative launched by the Russian government with the aim of producing highly skilled specialists for the high-tech sector. Within this program, Russian universities, in partnership with leading companies, are expected to establish 30 engineering schools by 2030.


  • Academic Corporations, Not Universities: Skolkovo Institute Head Andrey Volkov on the Future of Universities and PIs in Russia

    A series of open lectures was held as part of ITMO PI School: Rising Stars on May 18-19. The event brought together leading experts from the Skolkovo Innovation Center, academia representatives, and ITMO research leaders to discuss which specialists universities need and how Russian science and education sectors are transforming in general. One of the speakers was Andrey Volkov, the head of Skolkovo’s Public Strategy Institute, a professor at the Moscow School of Management, and a supervisor of Project 5-100 and the Priority 2030 program, who spoke about how the transformation started, how universities are changing today, and why they should evolve into academic corporations instead.


  • ITMO and Four Russian Universities Launch Soft Skills Consortium

    ITMO University, Higher School of Economics (HSE), the Ural Federal University, Tomsk State University, and University of Tyumen created the Consortium of Universities for the Development of Universal Competencies. Together, this new team will focus their efforts on developing soft skills at universities and ensuring that they become a rightful part of higher education in Russia. 


  • Yandex’s Head of AI Development: Interns Can Make Mistakes – That’s Why They’re the Best Trailblazers

    The VUZPROMEXPO, a national convention on the subject of science and education, kicked off in Sochi on December 8 and will continue until the 10th. Russian scientists, university higher-ups, and representatives of business and the government met at the Sirius Park of Science and Art to discuss collaboration, showcase their achievements, and sum up the year’s results. One of the first day’s most notable discussions, titled How Technologies Will Change Higher Education, was moderated by Daria Kozlova, the First Vice Rector of ITMO University and the head of its 2030 Development Strategy.


  • FoodTech Specialist

    Today, the term “FoodTech” commonly refers to things like food and grocery delivery services. They account for over half of the total volume of the global FoodTech market and the bulk of the Russian one. But FoodTech is actually more than that – it’s about the integration of digital technologies into the entire supply chain, starting from farms and production facilities and all the way to food recycling. In the first issue of our special project What Will You Be? we’ll explore what it’s like to work in the food industry and what you can learn at ITMO University’s FoodTech Master’s program.


  • ITMO University’s International Council Explores the Changing Role of Higher Education

    The 14th session of ITMO University’s International Council took place on June 21 via a Zoom call that brought together council members from Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. It focused on new approaches to defining top-level education, research, and an inspiring environment that would ensure ITMO’s leadership position in the future.


  • ITMO’s International Council On University’s 2030 Development Strategy

    The 13th session of ITMO University’s International Council took place on November 12 via a Zoom call that spanned 17 time zones across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. After months of navigating adversity and working remotely, the members of the Council embraced this opportunity to meet and discuss some of the key aspects of ITMO’s strategy for 2021-30, as well as highlight some of the silver linings of these unprecedented times.


  • The Art of Managing the University of the Future: A Roundtable on Effective University Governance Held in St. Petersburg

    Recently, the European University at St. Petersburg hosted a roundtable on the topic “By whom and how a modern university should be managed: top-down vs shared governance”. In the course of the discussion, experts and representatives of universities weighed up on the questions of which challenges today’s universities are faced with, whether they should change, and which governance model is the most effective.


  • Master’s Degree ++: Experts, Organizers and Participants on the Formula for an Ideal Master’s Program

    On April 25-27, ITMO University hosted the Master’s Degree ++ conference, which it organized together with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. The event brought together winners of the Potanin scholarship contest for educators, experts from leading Russian and international universities, representatives of federal and regional agencies, business and nonprofit organizations. Over the course of three days, the specialists participated in discussions and practical sessions aimed at the identification of best practices of implementation of modern Master’s studies. ITMO.NEWS met the organizers and participants to find out what ideas the conference helped to establish, and what are the areas of growth Russian Master’s programs could benefit from exploring.


  • Areas of Growth in Russian Master’s Studies: Transformation of Programs and Ecosystem-Building

    Is there a future for the established Master’s programs created dozens of years ago? What is a university ecosystem and how is it formed? How to measure the institutional environment? And what are the potential areas of growth for regional universities? These questions were discussed as part of the third and last day of the “Master’s Degree ++” conference that has recently concluded in St. Petersburg. The conference was organized by ITMO University together with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and brought together experts from leading Russian and international universities and winners of the 2018-2019 Potanin scholarship contest for educators.