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  • Does Diploma Equal Success? Here’s What Forbes 30 Under 30 Laureates Think

    Each year, Russia’s Forbes compiles a list of changemakers, from scientists to athletes and entrepreneurs, all under the age of 30, who have made a significant impact on their field. What helped them take off? And what do their degrees have to do with that? The nation’s best and brightest professionals answered these questions at the recent ITMO Open Education conference in St. Petersburg. 


  • ITMO and Yandex Collaborate on This Year’s ITMO Open Education Conference

    How will AI impact education? Do you need a university degree to be featured in Forbes? What is the importance of product thinking for students? And how can teachers benefit from increasing their social media presence? This year’s ITMO Open Education conference, organized together with Yandex, covered these and other questions in great detail. More than 400 school and university teachers, along with edtech experts and entrepreneurs from all over Russia, gathered in St. Petersburg in order to examine education from a different perspective. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • ITMO Open Education Conference: Alternative Formats, Fundamental Skills, and Rap Battles

    On May 20, ITMO once again challenged stereotypes about education one more time, when it welcomed edtech experts, entrepreneurs, and lecturers at the Open Education conference to discuss the future of universities. Participants of this full-blown educational rave could visit workshops and lectures, cheer on rap battles, and even record a podcast. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • ITMO’s Open Education: Raves, Rap Battles, and Star Hosts

    This year will see the second edition of ITMO’s Open Education festival, which will continue on its mission to abolish all stereotypes about education. For instance, this year the event will take the form of a rave at a former factory workshop that is now DAA Design District. Here is what else to expect at the event.


  • ITMO Holds Open Education Conference

    On May 21, the ITMO Open Education took place at Sevkabel Port. Experts from the field of education, lecturers, students, and all those interested, discussed trends, predictions, and relevant issues on modern education.


  • ITMO University's Award for Achievement in Education

    ITMO Open Education award will bring together ITMO employees who are ready to share and learn the best practices in education.