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  • Hackathons in Education: ITMO Team Shares Their Experience

    ITMO’s Natural Systems Simulation Lab, operating within the National Center for Cognitive Research, is integrating hackathons into education and research. One of its first great triumphs is an ML model called FEDOT that impressed the expert board and brought the lab’s team a victory at the Emergency DataHack.


  • Lighting Design Expert on Light in Culture

    In 2021, Artem Masorin, the founder of Russia’s first independent lighting design bureau “Looch'' and lead lighting designer at CUT Ingenieurbüro für Licht Medien Design, joined the team of lecturers for ITMO’s Lighting Design Master’s program. In 2020, he was named among the most talented and promising representatives of the lighting design industry in the 40 under 40 ranking. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he speaks about the content of ITMO’s new course, about creativity and technologies, and the recipe of his success.


  • ITMO Associate Professor Alexander Kuznetsov on How Criminals Fool Voice Recognition to Steal Money

    Biometric technology, such as voice recognition, is now being rolled out in banking. At the end of 2020, Russia passed a law enhancing the use of biometrics in the financial sector. However, cybercriminals already know how to fool such identification and gain access to customers’ money using fake audio tracks. How does it happen? What can cybersecurity specialists do about it? And what solutions can ITMO offer? Alexander Kuznetsov, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Secure Information Technologies, will answer these and many other questions.


  • ITMO University Professor Sergey Makarov Receives Elsevier’s Research Excellence Award Russia 2021

    The award is presented by Elsevier, one of the world’s largest publishing houses and the owner of the Scopus database. This year’s ceremony coincides with the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.


  • ITMO PhD Student Karina Pats on Working in France During the Pandemic

    Karina Pats, a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming, studies the functioning of nuclear receptors using molecular dynamics and docking. She works actively together with the laboratory of Ferdinand Molnár at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan where she did her internship last spring. Thanks to the Erasmus+ program, now she got to work on a bioinformatics algorithm project at the University of Lorraine, Nancy (France). ITMO.NEWS talked to Karina Pats to learn more about life in France, new projects and colleagues, as well as landing an internship during the pandemic.


  • Two ITMO Scientists Receive Award from Academia Europaea's Russian Club

    Maxim Gorlach and Valentin Milichko, staff members of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, have been recognized by Academia Europaea for their achievements in physics and chemistry.


  • Student Spotlight: Daniil Koshelev, Russia

    Daniil Koshelev is a Russian third-year student of the Bachelor’s program Technological Innovations Management at ITMO University. In this interview, Daniil tells us about why he decided to study at ITMO and his experiences as a student and manager of the University's football team.


  • Staff Spotlight: Assel Romanova, Kazakhstan

    Assel Romanova is a woman of the 21st century – she takes part in numerous educational projects and supports gender equality in IT. Moreover, she teaches Mobile Application Development at ITMO. In this interview, she shares the secret of how to inspire students to study and tells us what surprised her about Russia.


  • Staff Spotlight: Daniel Nsengumuremyi, Rwanda

    In 2020, Daniel Nsengumuremyi graduated from ITMO with a PhD in Food Biotechnology, and now eagers to continue his academic career in order to contribute to the development of his homeland, Rwanda. In this interview for ITMO.NEWS, he talks about his Russian education experience and explains the unusual properties of lake mud.


  • Staff Spotlight: Mingzhao Song, China

    Mingzhao Song, a researcher at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, came to St. Petersburg almost eight years ago and since then has made a significant contribution to ITMO University’s research activities. In an interview for our portal, he talks about his breakthrough in the field of wireless charging of electronic devices and his unusual hobby.