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  • Staff Spotlight: Assel Romanova, Kazakhstan

    Assel Romanova is a woman of the 21st century – she takes part in numerous educational projects and supports gender equality in IT. Moreover, she teaches Mobile Application Development at ITMO. In this interview, she shares the secret of how to inspire students to study and tells us what surprised her about Russia.


  • Staff Spotlight: Daniel Nsengumuremyi, Rwanda

    In 2020, Daniel Nsengumuremyi graduated from ITMO with a PhD in Food Biotechnology, and now eagers to continue his academic career in order to contribute to the development of his homeland, Rwanda. In this interview for ITMO.NEWS, he talks about his Russian education experience and explains the unusual properties of lake mud.


  • Staff Spotlight: Mingzhao Song, China

    Mingzhao Song, a researcher at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, came to St. Petersburg almost eight years ago and since then has made a significant contribution to ITMO University’s research activities. In an interview for our portal, he talks about his breakthrough in the field of wireless charging of electronic devices and his unusual hobby.


  • Staff Spotlight: Hadi Hijazi, Lebanon/France

    Despite the closed borders, Hadi Hijazi continues his work at ITMO as a research associate at the Faculty of Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics. In this interview, he talked to us about his experience in Russia and revealed his vision on the role of science in the modern world.  


  • Mauro Corallo: We Are Human Beings and We Have to Behave as Such, Helping Each Other When Possible

    Coming from Milan, Italy, Mauro Corallo teaches English as a foreign language here at ITMO University. He talked to us about his experience in Russia and his favorite places in St. Petersburg.


  • Laine Schaublin: Moving to St. Petersburg Was One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

    A native of the warm and sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, Laine Schaublin came to a very different St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2013. Last September, she joined ITMO University, where she currently teaches advanced English language to first-year students.


  • At the Intersection of Biology, Chemistry, and IT: New Participants of ITMO Fellowship & Professorship Program on Their Research at ITMO

    How to make scientists, constantly cooped up in their laboratories, communicate more and find new points of contact for joint work at the intersection of several fields of knowledge? This question is especially topical for those who work on fixed-term contracts or as part of an exchange and are thus especially intent on spending all their time on work. It is for supporting communication between different scientists coming to ITMO that the university’s Internationalization Department organizes meetups for participants of the ITMO Fellowship & Professorship program. ITMO.NEWS attended this year’s first gathering to find out more about the research pursued by the new members of the community.


  • ITMO University Researchers Organize Symposium on Terahertz Photonics in Paris

    In December 2019, Paris hosted the Smart NanoMaterials (SNAIA2019) international conference, which brought together specialists in the field of nanophotonics, optoelectronics, quantum calculations and others. Supporting the conference was ITMO University, which organized a symposium chaired by Olga Smolyanskaya, an associate professor at the Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information and head of the Laboratory of Femtomedicine. In the course of two days, the participants of the symposium, researchers from Russia, France, the UK and other countries, discussed the latest trends in the field of terahertz technologies and shared the results of their research with each other.


  • ITMO University Professor Oleg Stepanov Elected a Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

    Professor Oleg Stepanov from ITMO University’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). He is actively involved in research of optimal methods for processing measurement data and its application in navigation systems design. The scientist does not only conduct research and give lectures to university students but also heads the research and educational center of Elektropribor, a leading Russian institute in the field of high-precision navigation, gyroscopy and gravimetry. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Oleg Stepanov shares his thoughts about the opportunities that the Academy’s membership opens up, the use of AI solutions in navigation systems, as well as gives advice to those just starting their career in this field.


  • John Kuti: English Teacher on Languages, Digital Literacy and Cultural Capital

    A specialist in business English, John Kuti is spearheading the virtual learning initiatives at ITMO University's Foreign Language Training Center. He talked to us about his experience in Russia, tips for learning languages and philosophical approach to life.