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  • Physicist Andrey Bogdanov on How ITMO Helps School Students Become Scientists

    Once an aspiring teen himself, Andrey Bogdanov now inspires today’s schoolkids to pursue careers in science. In this interview, the researcher explains how to talk to kids about nanophotonics and metamaterials, reflects on whether it’s worth it to prepare future scientists from school, and expands on what ITMO does in this field.


  • Explore the Universe or Deliver Memes: ITMO Fellow Alisa Chaikovskaya Talks Particle Physics

    Physics of elementary particles explores the tiniest building blocks of the universe to explain how it developed and came into being. One recent discovery in the field was the Higgs boson, which contributed to our understanding of what happened in the universe after the Big Bang. In order to solve the many remaining mysteries of particle physics, scientists develop theoretical models. ITMO Fellow Alisa Chaikovskaya is one such scientist – in this interview, we asked her about her work, spin particles, and their applications.


  • Up in Space: ITMO Turns 123

    On March 26, ITMO turned 123, but the celebrations, as per tradition, lasted the whole preceding week. There were business games, board game nights, art workshops, and even a family festival, ITMO Family Day Mini. Here’s our recap of all the fun that unfolded last week at ITMO.


  • Burnout in Academia: How It Happens and How To Prevent It

    No professional field is safe from burnout – and academia is no exception. We talked to Elena Ushakova, an ITMO PI and head of the Functionalized Carbon Nanoparticles project, about the effects of burnout on researchers and how it can be prevented.


  • Bringing New Technologies Closer: ITMO PI Mikhail Petrov Talks Quantum Nanophotonics, Optical Levitation, and Research Management

    Coming from a family of physicists, Mikhail Petrov didn’t have to think long to choose his career path. His career started at one of the best schools in the city, then led him to Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, to Finland, and finally – to ITMO, where he works on his own research, leading a team of young scientists. Among the several projects developed by his team is quantum memory, as well as optical levitation and optical tweezers. In this article, he shares how fundamental research fosters next-gen technologies and offers tips on managing a team of theoretical physicists.


  • ITMO’s Second Leadership Accelerator Opens Applications

    The ITMO/Leader accelerator is dedicated to developing key competencies of ITMO’s staff. Its participants will learn how to manage business processes, build teams, and create roadmaps. The program will start on March 13. Keep reading to find out more about the accelerator and how to sign up.


  • Meet the Winners of ITMO.Love Awards

    Do you meet every single one of your deadlines? Always go on bike rides with the Rector? Maybe you put together an interdisciplinary team that created an awesome new project? Or are you simply always there for your colleagues when they need it? To recognize the contributions of ITMO employees who work to improve this university, ITMO hosted its first annual ITMO.Love awards! In total, the contest received 247 submissions, with 9 of them declared the winners by audience vote. Read on to find out who won the hearts and votes of the ITMO.Family.


  • Get to know ITMO’s Russian Language Teachers

    The first people international students often come in contact with are their Russian language teachers who help them take their first steps in their new country and give them the tools to navigate the language and culture as they settle in. ITMO offers a Russian foundation course for those who want to later enrol in an all-Russian program, as well as Russian language courses to support students through their degrees. There are many wonderful teachers behind all the success our international students make in learning Russian, and in this article we get to know a bit more about some of them.


  • Get to Know ITMO’s Food Biotech Specialists

    Baking bread, brewing beer, and making marmalade might sound like a fun way to spend your workday, but their work at the Faculty of Biotechnologies allows our experts to explore the fundamentals of food biotechnologies, functional foods and food storage methods. When they’re not saving the planet from hunger with their innovative research and educating the next generation, they also have their hobbies and interests. So, we decided to get to know some of them in this feature. 


  • Get to Know ITMO’s International Office Staff

    With all the wonderful services and people found at ITMO’s International Office, it can be difficult to tell where to go and who to talk to. So, we want to introduce you to a few of the staff on our dynamic team to help make them even more approachable. What do they love to eat, listen to, read or visit? Find out in this article!