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  • Summer Schools in Computer Science: Parul University Students Visit ITMO

    Every year ITMO organizes several short-term programs during the summer and the winter season. These schools are open to students from around the world and are specially tailored to provide them with cutting-edge skills. This year, we were thrilled to welcome ten budding techies from Parul University, our long-time academic partner, yet again to our campus. They participated in a special six-week program including two ITMO summer schools on competitive programming and machine learning. The middle two weeks of their stay involved a tailor-made course on data science and Python programming. ITMO.NEWS got the opportunity to talk to three of them and learn about their journey and their experiences here in St. Petersburg. What do they think about the metro? Did they try borscht? We dive deeper into these topics and more in this article.  


  • Student Spotlight: Hrishikesh Gujrathi, India

    “As an international student, I've adapted to my new life in St. Petersburg pretty well. I'm very happy with everything here and really enjoy being around everyone,” says Hrishikesh, an international Master’s student at ITMO. In today’s interview, we talked about ITMO’s programs and how Hrishikesh became interested in them. He also shares his view on how Russia compares to India and other countries when it comes to studying AI, robotics, and computer science.


  • Student Spotlight: Devtanu Bose, India

    All the way from Kolkata, India Devtanu is a Master’s student in robotics and artificial intelligence at ITMO. He is also an intern in Nancy, France where he is working on a project in thermal physics. In this interview, he shares his story of getting selected for this internship and successfully making it to France amidst travel restrictions. Besides studies, he is also a Real Madrid faithful and wishes to witness the Champions League final at the Stade de France in Paris.


  • How Indian Students Celebrate the Holidays of Dussehra and Diwali

    India is known as the land of festivals and fairs. The month of October, in particular, is the most exciting time of the year. The air is filled with happiness, laughter, and the smell of delicious street food. The major festivals celebrated during this time are Navaratri/Dussehra/Durga Puja and Diwali. I caught up with a few international students from India at ITMO to find out how they plan to celebrate these holidays in St. Petersburg, and also share some of my own experiences.


  • Student Spotlight: Kirtan Dipakbhai Patel, India

    Kirtan Patel is an international student from India who was born and brought up in a farmer’s family. He has always felt a special connection with plants and so he went to Leningrad Oblast – the area around St. Petersburg – to relive his childhood memories in the greenery. He had a lot of fun collecting berries and mushrooms. We decided to go on a walk with him and learn more about his experience as an international student in St. Petersburg.


  • Student Spotlight: Takshama Bhatt, India

    Takshama Bhatt from Gujarat, India, is a second-year international Master’s student of molecular biology and biotechnology. She loves cooking and has already tried her hand at making some Russian bliny and kasha. Her research requires her to deal with spiders and feed them live crickets! Scary, isn’t it? We got an opportunity to catch up with her and talk more about her education, her research, and her life in Russia as an international student.  


  • Student Spotlight: Subhrajit Barua, India

    What is it like to be an international student at ITMO as this unusual academic year kicks off? Subhrajit Barua is starting his first semester as a Master’s student studying remotely at home in India but can’t wait to come to St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO Fellow Ananya Das: I Came to St. Petersburg for Applied Research

    The Indian researcher told ITMO.NEWS about her work, the promising applications of carbon dots, and the pleasant surprises St. Petersburg offers when compared to Calcutta. 


  • Prithu Roy: Desire to Be Part of a Unique Experience Brought Me Here

    ITMO student Prithu Roy came from Varanasi, India and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program Nanophotonics and Metamaterials at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. Before coming to Russia, he finished his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communication) and was also a tutor in advanced mathematics and physics to pre-university students.


  • Sagar Kumar: My Desire Is to Help Humankind in Every Way Possible

    Hailing from India, Sagar Kumar is a Master’s degree student of the Big Data and Machine Learning program at ITMO University. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from ICFAI University in Jaipur, India, he came to St. Petersburg driven by fascination for data science and a desire to bring positive change to the world. We chatted with Sagar to learn more about his research, quantum cognition, and his first-ever hockey game.