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  • Student Spotlight: Pankaj Kumar, India

    Meet Pankaj, a dynamic student from Haryana (India) with a surprising collection of academic degrees! Inspired by YouTube vlogs and motivated by scholarships, he left a PhD program in India to pursue further studies in Russia. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, he shares his perspective on the two nations’ educational systems, life as an international student, and his future plans.


  • Student Spotlight: Kunj Rathi, India

    In today’s interview, we learn about the experiences of Kunj Rathi, an exchange student at ITMO from Parul University, India. A student of computer science and information security, Kunj talks to us about adapting to a new educational system and navigating cultural nuances in St. Petersburg. Read on for Kunj's unique perspective on bridging cultures and embracing the opportunities that come with studying abroad.


  • Student Spotlight: Chirravuri Krishna Chaitanya, India

    This week we caught up with Chirravuri Krishna Chaitanya, a Bachelor’s student from India currently on a six-month exchange program at ITMO. In this interview, Krishna talks about his journey from Punjab to Russia, his experiences with the Russian education system, and his newfound love for the vibrant culture of St. Petersburg. Read on!


  • Student Spotlight: Subhrajit Barua, India

    Subhajit Barua is a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies and a member of the English-language editorial team here at ITMO.NEWS. We first interviewed him back in 2020, when he was still new to ITMO. This time, we decided to ask him all about a major international event he has recently attended, as well as discover if he remains as charmed with ITMO as he once was – all these years down the line. Keep reading – you might be surprised by his answers!


  • Student Spotlight: Siraj Farhan, India

    Step into the world of Siraj Farhan, an international student from India who is currently pursuing a Master's degree in entrepreneurship at ITMO. Farhan is a captivating individual with an insatiable passion for computers and AI. An adventurer at heart, he's tried his hand at a multitude of pursuits, including building his very own startup. Join us as we delve into his inspiring journey.


  • Student Spotlight: Sutanu Chatterjee, India

    In the bustling St. Petersburg, a new chapter is about to unfold for Sutanu Chatterjee, an international student from India, as he eagerly awaits the start of his PhD journey at ITMO’s Department of Physics. Sutanu's life is a captivating blend of scientific exploration and vibrant personal pursuits. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of this ambitious and multi-talented international student, who has discovered a second home in Russia, embracing its cuisine, culture, and people with an open heart.


  • Feel Like an Indian in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is not only a major tourist attraction but also a hub for education and innovation. As a result, it has one of the largest communities of expats in Russia. The Venice of the North is also home to a small but vibrant Indian community. From students and professionals to families and retirees, the Indian community in St. Petersburg is diverse and dynamic, with members from all over India and a range of backgrounds and interests. Read on to find out the ways in which you can feel desi in the land of superlatives.


  • ITMO Goes to India: Building the Future Together

    The formula to our success is partnerships and collaborations. We are where we are today thanks to the immense support from our partners like Parul University. Our bond with the Indian university has been very strong for years. Every year, many of its students visit ITMO along with their professors to participate in summer schools and internships. This December, ITMO staff members Ekaterina Rassolenko and Yulia Shik visited India to attend Parul University’s International Week. What were the main highlights of this event? What new opportunities can students expect? Let’s learn it all from Ekaterina and Yulia.


  • Student Spotlight: Daxta Pandey, India

    It is said that when you want something dearly, the universe conspires to make it happen. Such has been the story of Daxta, an international student from India who always wanted to study abroad but never could – until now. After winning a full scholarship, she was able to fulfill her dream of studying in a foreign country. Not only that, but she also found the subject of her liking here at ITMO. What is she studying? What is her new life in St. Pete like? Let’s find out from Daxta herself.


  • Summer Schools in Computer Science: Parul University Students Visit ITMO

    Every year ITMO organizes several short-term programs during the summer and the winter season. These schools are open to students from around the world and are specially tailored to provide them with cutting-edge skills. This year, we were thrilled to welcome ten budding techies from Parul University, our long-time academic partner, yet again to our campus. They participated in a special six-week program including two ITMO summer schools on competitive programming and machine learning. The middle two weeks of their stay involved a tailor-made course on data science and Python programming. ITMO.NEWS got the opportunity to talk to three of them and learn about their journey and their experiences here in St. Petersburg. What do they think about the metro? Did they try borscht? We dive deeper into these topics and more in this article.