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  • Student Spotlight: Dicko Kante, Mali

    Meet Dicko Kante, an ambitious 18-year-old from Bamako, Mali, the city where her story began. Now in St. Petersburg, she’s studying information security at ITMO, a subject she has been passionate about since childhood. In this interview, we will learn about Dicko’s experiences, inspirations, and aspirations, offering a glimpse into her life as she forges a name for herself in the world of cybersecurity.


  • Student Spotlight: Kunj Rathi, India

    In today’s interview, we learn about the experiences of Kunj Rathi, an exchange student at ITMO from Parul University, India. A student of computer science and information security, Kunj talks to us about adapting to a new educational system and navigating cultural nuances in St. Petersburg. Read on for Kunj's unique perspective on bridging cultures and embracing the opportunities that come with studying abroad.


  • ITMO & Yandex Education Launch Free Intensive Course in IT for Students

    A two-week intensive study camp in industrial software development will be held in St. Petersburg from June 24 to July 6. At lectures delivered by experts from ITMO and Yandex Education, participants will delve into the architecture and infrastructure of highload systems, information security, and DevOps. Each participant will work on tasks tailored to their level and receive a certificate of completion upon successfully solving the final case. Applications are accepted until May 1. 


  • Student Spotlight: Hamid Idris Musa, Eritrea

    Hamid's move to St. Petersburg was sparked by his deep admiration for Zenit St. Petersburg, a football club he adores. In this conversation, we'll explore his academic pursuits, the influence of sports on his life, and the cultural significance of coffee – a cherished Eritrean traditional drink that has become indispensable for him. Join us as we unravel the fascinating layers of Hamid's story in the realms of academia, football fandom, and cultural connections.


  • Student Spotlight: Akylzhan Kerimbay, Kazakhstan

    Join us for an engaging conversation with Akylzhan, an international student from Kazakhstan, as we explore his life in St. Petersburg and delve into the exciting details of his recent representation of ITMO at an education fair in his hometown. Read on to discover this unique individual whose passion for IT is matched only by his enthusiasm for making a difference.


  • Expert Speaks on Infosec Trends and In-Demand Jobs in Russia

    The contemporary world brings new information security challenges and threats, posing an even greater demand for certain types of specialists. Which professionals are at an all-time high today? This topic was covered by Sergei Petrenko, the head of Innopolis University’s Center for Information Security, at the recent conference on information security in St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO Students Win Infosec Contest VolgaCTF

    Students from ITMO University were named winners of the 13th annual information security competition VolgaCTF in Samara. The final stage of the competition pitted 23 teams from Russia and neighboring countries. As a result of this victory, the team from ITMO moved up in the ranking to become one of the world’s top three CTF teams in the field of infosec.


  • Student Spotlight: Ogom Faith Blessing, Nigeria

    Challenges only make us stronger! This is evident from the story of Ogom, an international student from Nigeria who broke conventions to pursue a career in technology and study in Russia, where she believes opportunities are equally available to all. Her passion for tech brought her to ITMO, where she will soon begin a Bachelor’s degree in information security. What motivated her in this field and what has been her life like in St. Petersburg? Read on to find out.


  • Student Spotlight: Emmanuel Kpadedji, Benin

    Meet Emmanuel Kpadedji, a bright and ambitious international student from the culturally rich African nation of Benin. He is a driven and passionate young man who likes taking challenges head-on. Emmanuel won a full scholarship from the Russian government to study at ITMO. He is now a Foundation Program student and this September onwards will pursue a Master’s degree in information security. Read on to learn more about his experiences with Russian weather, food, and culture.


  • Student Spotlight: Hamidreza Sekandari, Iran

    The bigger the challenges, the better – that’s the kind of optimism that we all need in our lives. Meet Hamidreza, an international student from Iran whose passion to excel in life despite setbacks is unparalleled. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, he is going to pursue a Master’s degree in information security. We got the opportunity to talk in-depth about his native country, Iran, and learn about its rich history and culture. We also asked him how it feels to be an international student and if he has had any unique experiences in St. Petersburg. You’ll find the answers in this interview.