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  • Expert Speaks on Infosec Trends and In-Demand Jobs in Russia

    The contemporary world brings new information security challenges and threats, posing an even greater demand for certain types of specialists. Which professionals are at an all-time high today? This topic was covered by Sergei Petrenko, the head of Innopolis University’s Center for Information Security, at the recent conference on information security in St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO Students Win Infosec Contest VolgaCTF

    Students from ITMO University were named winners of the 13th annual information security competition VolgaCTF in Samara. The final stage of the competition pitted 23 teams from Russia and neighboring countries. As a result of this victory, the team from ITMO moved up in the ranking to become one of the world’s top three CTF teams in the field of infosec.


  • Student Spotlight: Ogom Faith Blessing, Nigeria

    Challenges only make us stronger! This is evident from the story of Ogom, an international student from Nigeria who broke conventions to pursue a career in technology and study in Russia, where she believes opportunities are equally available to all. Her passion for tech brought her to ITMO, where she will soon begin a Bachelor’s degree in information security. What motivated her in this field and what has been her life like in St. Petersburg? Read on to find out.


  • Student Spotlight: Emmanuel Kpadedji, Benin

    Meet Emmanuel Kpadedji, a bright and ambitious international student from the culturally rich African nation of Benin. He is a driven and passionate young man who likes taking challenges head-on. Emmanuel won a full scholarship from the Russian government to study at ITMO. He is now a Foundation Program student and this September onwards will pursue a Master’s degree in information security. Read on to learn more about his experiences with Russian weather, food, and culture.


  • Student Spotlight: Hamidreza Sekandari, Iran

    The bigger the challenges, the better – that’s the kind of optimism that we all need in our lives. Meet Hamidreza, an international student from Iran whose passion to excel in life despite setbacks is unparalleled. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, he is going to pursue a Master’s degree in information security. We got the opportunity to talk in-depth about his native country, Iran, and learn about its rich history and culture. We also asked him how it feels to be an international student and if he has had any unique experiences in St. Petersburg. You’ll find the answers in this interview.


  • Student Spotlight: Arafat Rahman, Bangladesh

    It is said that experiences shape our lives. While an unfortunate incident can intimidate and scare some, it can spark enthusiasm in others. Such has been the story of Arafat, an international student from Bangladesh who got inspired to study information security after a cyberattack that shook his country in 2014. Read on to learn all about him and his journey from Chittagong to St. Petersburg with only one goal – to fulfill his dream of becoming a cybersecurity expert at ITMO.  


  • Quiz: Movie Character or Real-Life Hacker?

    You know those gloomy guys in hoodies who sit in complete darkness and can hack into banks, government databases, and major corporations in under a minute? Movie hackers are often impressive, but their lives have very little to do with reality. And yet, some of the real-life cases are more exciting than the most adrenaline-fueled movie. Don’t believe us? Take our quiz and see if you can tell apart the world’s most prolific hackers from their silver-screen counterparts. 


  • Information & Cyber Security Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    In a few days, online registration for the contest I Am a Professional will close for this year’s participants. All winners of the contest will have the chance to enter some of the country’s best universities without exams and gain access to the contest’s career center, while those who make it to the top and become the contest’s medalists will also enjoy prize money and internships at major Russian companies. This season, ITMO is responsible for three tracks within the contest, including Information & Cyber Security. In this article, we will introduce you to this field and offer a few tips on how to best prepare for the contest. 


  • Student Spotlight: Huiyao Dong, China

    You may have read our article on culture shock, but if you are a resident of Heilongjiang province in China, Russian culture will hardly be a shock for you. Meet Huiyao Dong, a first-year PhD student who shares with us the many similarities that she notices between Russia and her hometown. She also goes in-depth about her decision to return to academia and her project plans. Read on to catch a glimpse of Huiyao’s new life in St. Pete.


  • Student Spotlight: Johnson Oje, Nigeria

    Have you ever fallen prey to cyber fraud? As data becomes the new bread and butter of our world, cyberattacks and data breaches become more and more common. The only way to combat this threat is to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity specialists. With a similar vision, Johnson took up the challenge of pursuing a Master’s degree in information security, driven by the goal of ensuring data security in his country, Nigeria. Read on to take a sneak peek into his ITMO life.