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  • Quiz: Movie Character or Real-Life Hacker?

    You know those gloomy guys in hoodies who sit in complete darkness and can hack into banks, government databases, and major corporations in under a minute? Movie hackers are often impressive, but their lives have very little to do with reality. And yet, some of the real-life cases are more exciting than the most adrenaline-fueled movie. Don’t believe us? Take our quiz and see if you can tell apart the world’s most prolific hackers from their silver-screen counterparts. 


  • Information & Cyber Security Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    In a few days, online registration for the contest I Am a Professional will close for this year’s participants. All winners of the contest will have the chance to enter some of the country’s best universities without exams and gain access to the contest’s career center, while those who make it to the top and become the contest’s medalists will also enjoy prize money and internships at major Russian companies. This season, ITMO is responsible for three tracks within the contest, including Information & Cyber Security. In this article, we will introduce you to this field and offer a few tips on how to best prepare for the contest. 


  • Student Spotlight: Huiyao Dong, China

    You may have read our article on culture shock, but if you are a resident of Heilongjiang province in China, Russian culture will hardly be a shock for you. Meet Huiyao Dong, a first-year PhD student who shares with us the many similarities that she notices between Russia and her hometown. She also goes in-depth about her decision to return to academia and her project plans. Read on to catch a glimpse of Huiyao’s new life in St. Pete.


  • Student Spotlight: Johnson Oje, Nigeria

    Have you ever fallen prey to cyber fraud? As data becomes the new bread and butter of our world, cyberattacks and data breaches become more and more common. The only way to combat this threat is to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity specialists. With a similar vision, Johnson took up the challenge of pursuing a Master’s degree in information security, driven by the goal of ensuring data security in his country, Nigeria. Read on to take a sneak peek into his ITMO life.


  • AI Security: ITMO Launches New Master’s Program

    This year, ITMO University is launching a new Master’s program titled AI Security. Its graduates will be able to ensure the security of AI systems and protect them from cyberattacks. The program’s students will be granted an opportunity to work for partner companies, such as Gazprom Neft, Sberbank, and Rostelecom, or join research teams. 


  • The Results of Ethical Hacking Competition for School Students

    ITMO’s International Scientific and Academic Center "Security and Safety for Critical Digital Technologies" has recently held Neva CTF – a competition in information security among school students. This year, the contest brought together 28 teams from 21 schools in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


  • Lectures on Ethical Hacking, Lab Tours, and Information Security Quizzes: ITMO Welcomes Baltic Science and Engineering Competition Finalists

    The Baltic Science and Engineering Competition is one of the major contests for school students from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent Nations. Its winners get to take part in Intel ISEF and compete for awards. As a partner of the competition, ITMO annually welcomes its finalists to introduce them to the research conducted at the university. This year, the participants visited the International Scientific and Academic Center “Security and Safety for Critical Digital Technologies” to learn about the center’s key projects, ethical hacking, and ways to enroll in ITMO.


  • Yandex.Eats Data Leak: Reasons, Ramifications, and Security Tips

    A few days ago, Yandex.Eats, a food delivery app by Yandex, suffered a data leak – a map of its users’ personal data (including names, phone numbers, addresses, and expenses over a period of six months) was published online. The company admitted that personal data of some users leaked on March 1 but stressed that this was an isolated incident. These days, any major IT business faces the threat of data leaks – on the online black market, there are even specific price ranges for user data from different services. We asked ITMO’s Dmitry Tatarov, an engineer at the Faculty of Secure Information Technologies, how companies can protect their data and what users should do if they find their personal data online. 


  • Gaming Scams: How to Stay Safe While Playing Online

    According to Microsoft, over three billion people on the planet play video games. Today, gaming is more than just a fun activity or a hobby, it is also an excellent way to start making money. Yet not all do that fair and square. Here are some tips and tricks on how to spot gaming scams and avoid them while playing online.


  • ITMO Students Named Best Academic Team at Russian CTF Cup

    Last weekend, the Smart City pavilion of Moscow’s VDNKh hosted the final of the Russian national information security championship. The FaKappa team made up of students of ITMO's Faculty of Secure Information Technologies took second place, won the special nomination, and received prizes from Sberbank.