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  • Personal Data: What It Is and How To Protect It

    Remember that huge document titled Personal data usage agreement that every piece of software seems to want you to sign? What could be easier than to ignore it and click “Agree,” especially when you really need to access that banking app, online storefront, car rental service, and so on? But there’s a reason why you should take your time to check such documents. In the lead-up to the international Data Privacy Day, we spoke to Anton Endresyak, a senior associate at the IP consultancy firm CLAIMS and a lecturer at ITMO University’s IP Management Strategy program.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #9

    Even as we brave the scorching heat and relentless sun, ITMO.NEWS continues to bring you the latest from the world of science. Here are some of our top stories of the past two weeks, featuring: research breakthroughs! Exciting new initiatives! A new Master’s program! And a journey into the world of cinematic space travel.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #3

    Yet another new Master’s program, fascinating new projects by ITMO students and staff, and a comprehensive guide to reading scientific articles! Here are some of ITMO.NEWS’ top science news of the past two weeks.


  • Hacks, Viruses, and DDoS: Who Attacks Our Computers and How to Stop Them

    Every day, we produce plenty of data – writing texts, taking personal pictures, making online payments. All of that information can easily be hacked and stolen. What ways are there to prevent that? We dive into data security with Vlad Roskov, ITMO graduate and captain of a top competitive hacking team.