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  • Science Fest: Future is Here

    Science Fest, a grandiose celebration of science, has yet again been hosted in St. Petersburg. Held on September 22-23, the event spread over ten unique spaces in the city: the usual Planetarium and Lumiere Hall were joined by the museums of optics, cosmonautics, and railway transport, the Lenpoligraphmash creative space, the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, and the landmark Annenkirche church. The extensive program reflected the festival’s key message: science is a valued contributor to all aspects of our life.


  • ITMO.GO: Thousands of First-Year Students Join ITMO University

    ITMO.GO is an annual event for welcoming new members to the ITMO.FAMILY, a community of staff, students, graduates, partners, and friends of ITMO University. This year’s celebration was attended by more than 5,000 people including ITMO Bachelor's, Master's and PhD  first-year students. Keeping totradition, the grandiose open-air event was held at the square in front of the Baltic House theater in the verdured setting of Alexandrovsky park. The festivity was as fun as it was informative; ITMO newcomers not only had the chance to let their hair down before the start of their new academic adventure, but also learned about the exciting opportunities the university offers, enrolled into ITMO’s artistic and sport clubs, and enjoyed a virtual bike ride with the Rector.


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