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  • Student Spotlight: Juan Camilo Diosa, Colombia

    This week, we’re talking to Juan Camilo Diosa, who is getting a Master’s degree with the Big Data and Machine Learning program. He came from Colombia almost two years ago, and in this interview, he told us some of his experiences as an international student and why he chose Russia to reach his educational goals.


  • Student Spotlight: Damara Verdugo, Ecuador

    Damara Verdugo is an Ecuadorian student, who just completed the Computer Systems and Technologies Master’s program. She told us a little bit about her background, shared some experiences that helped her grow as a person throughout her adventures in Russia and discussed the goals she wants to accomplish in the future.


  • Foreigners Speaking Russian Vlogs

    Why do forks and knives lay on the table and a cup stands? That's just one of the idiosyncrasies of the Russian language explored by Yang Ge, a Chinese vlogger with almost 1 million subscribers. Russian is a difficult language to learn but it regularly provides inspiration for lovers of Russia around the world. According to Ethnologue, 40% of Russian speakers are not native. In this article we share with you ten vlogs of foreigners speaking Russian, to encourage you to keep up the good work and continue improving your Russian.


  • Student Spotlight: Menard Phiri, Malawi

    Hailing from Blantyre in the south of Malawi, Menard Phiri is the first-ever student from his country at ITMO. Menard majors in computer systems information security, and is about to complete his second year of Master’s. In this interview he tells us all about his experiences and research at ITMO.


  • ITMO University’s International Council Explores the Changing Role of Higher Education

    The 14th session of ITMO University’s International Council took place on June 21 via a Zoom call that brought together council members from Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. It focused on new approaches to defining top-level education, research, and an inspiring environment that would ensure ITMO’s leadership position in the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Alejandro Ramos, Mexico

    In this article, we’d like to introduce you to Alejandro Ramos, a Mexican student in the Physics of Lasers PhD program at ITMO University. Alejandro tells us about his love at first sight for Russia, the process that he went through to come here and his plans for his current research at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Omar Farshad, Afghanistan

    Omar Farshad is an international student at ITMO’s Information Security program. He’s one of the winners of the Open Doors competition in the Computer & Data Science subject – this allowed him to study for free. In this interview, Omar tells us about his decision to study at ITMO and his experience of studying online from the United Arab Emirates, where he will be living until the pandemic situation normalizes.


  • 5 Expat Blogs in St. Petersburg

    The cultural capital of Russia is brimming with expats from around the world experiencing the culture and lifestyle of St. Petersburg. Some are studying, some are working, and some are dancing. Get a taste of life in this beautiful city through an international lens by checking out their blogs and social media pages.


  • Student Spotlight: Pablo Jami Tapia, Ecuador

    Pablo Jami Tapia is a second-year Master’s student of information security who is finishing his degree this semester. In this interview, he shares with us his experiences from his two years at ITMO and what he considers helpful in accomplishing his goals for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Gabriel Enofogha, Nigeria

    Gabriel is studying in the Information Security Master’s program at ITMO University. In this interview, he tells us a little bit about his background, his decision to study in Russia, and some of his goals for the coming years.