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  • Student Spotlight: Rigel Olvera, Mexico

    From Mexico to Vladimir and later to St. Petersburg, Rigel tells his history to ITMO.NEWS. He’s in his first year of studies at the High Molecular Weight Compound PhD program and is also a participant of the ITMO.Mentors initiative.


  • Student Spotlight: Jose David Ortiz, Colombia

    Jose David Ortiz, a Bachelor’s student in the program Computer Systems and Technologies at ITMO University, tells ITMO.NEWS about his experiences, the initial challenges he faced, and why he ended up enjoying his studies in Russia.


  • Staff Spotlight: Assel Romanova, Kazakhstan

    Assel Romanova is a woman of the 21st century – she takes part in numerous educational projects and supports gender equality in IT. Moreover, she teaches Mobile Application Development at ITMO. In this interview, she shares the secret of how to inspire students to study and tells us what surprised her about Russia.


  • Staff Spotlight: Daniel Nsengumuremyi, Rwanda

    In 2020, Daniel Nsengumuremyi graduated from ITMO with a PhD in Food Biotechnology, and now eagers to continue his academic career in order to contribute to the development of his homeland, Rwanda. In this interview for ITMO.NEWS, he talks about his Russian education experience and explains the unusual properties of lake mud.


  • Staff Spotlight: Mingzhao Song, China

    Mingzhao Song, a researcher at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, came to St. Petersburg almost eight years ago and since then has made a significant contribution to ITMO University’s research activities. In an interview for our portal, he talks about his breakthrough in the field of wireless charging of electronic devices and his unusual hobby.


  • Staff Spotlight: Hadi Hijazi, Lebanon/France

    Despite the closed borders, Hadi Hijazi continues his work at ITMO as a research associate at the Faculty of Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics. In this interview, he talked to us about his experience in Russia and revealed his vision on the role of science in the modern world.  


  • Student Spotlight: Gabriel Guerra, Ecuador

    Gabriel Guerra left his beloved Ecuador to enroll in the Master’s program “Network and Cloud Technology” at ITMO University through a scholarship supported by the Russian government. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS he tells us about the process to get this opportunity and shares his experiences of studying and living in Russia.  


  • Student Spotlight: Subhrajit Barua, India

    What is it like to be an international student at ITMO as this unusual academic year kicks off? Subhrajit Barua is starting his first semester as a Master’s student studying remotely at home in India but can’t wait to come to St. Petersburg.


  • Ethan Avila: There’s Some Truth That Can Be Uncovered in Both Art and Science

    It’s the first week of the academic year and we’ve got new students getting ready to study hard, but we’ve also got old students who have graduated and moving on to bigger and better things. Meet our Art and Science graduate, Ethan Avila, from Mexico, who has also been working at ITMO’s Internationalization Office for the last year, interviewing our international students and staff. He shares with us his thoughts about ITMO, Russia, and the future.


  • Sinith Withanage: ITMO Provides an Extraordinary Atmosphere for International Students

    From Sri Lanka to China and later to Russia, Sinith undoubtedly has an interesting story to tell. He is currently in his second year of studies at the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Master’s program and works as a manager at the Academic Writing Laboratory (AWL), which aims to support and coach students, researchers, faculty, and staff to deal with the academic writing process.