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  • City of Professions: Career Day at ITMO University

    Last week, ITMO University hosted a major career event - ITMO.City of Professions. This time, 40 participating companies prepared a 5-hours long interactive program for the university’s students and graduates, as well as offered internships and employment for entry-level positions. It has also become the first event of this kind for which the university’s specialists developed a dedicated application - the interactive online map of the city that helps to find a particular company and learn about the positions it offers. ITMO.City of Professions covered five major professional fields: IT, management and innovations science, food industry and biotechnologies, robotics and engineering, and photonics. Apart from the companies that had already taken part in ITMO’s career events before (Sberbank, Sberbank-Technologies, Delovie Linii, Diakont, Veenam and others), several new employers offered students jobs this time. ITMO.NEWS expands on the most interesting of them.


  • Master’s Student: Why IT Specialists Need to Get Involved in Science

    A few years ago, Mekhti Musaev graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and spent several years working in the industry. In that time he worked on both simple backend apps and complex scientific projects. This made him realize that, if he wanted to keep moving forward and maintain a career in IT, the basic knowledge acquired at a Bachelor’s program would not be enough. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he talks about the kind of specialist major IT companies are looking for, why programmers need to get into science and the benefits of studying at three different universities.


  • ITMO Graduates Get Top Salaries

    The Superjob research center published the ranking of Russian universities by the highest salaries their graduates who work in IT get. 20 universities got into the top; ITMO entered the top-3, becoming the only St. Petersburg university to get into the top-5 and shifting the Moscow State University to the 4th position.


  • Getting Your Dream Job: Lifehacks from the Expert

    How to use new career platforms and avoid common mistakes made by candidates? Business Coach Maria Ososkorova answered these questions at a lecture organized by ITMO’s Personal Development Center.


  • IT Remains the Best Choice: SuperJob Webportal on 2017's Job Market

    The SuperJob web portal has published its forecasts for the job market. According to them, IT-specialists will continue to be in high demand, and the companies will compete for getting the best of them. This articles is on what the salaries for young IT-specialists will be, is there any point in studying the basics of programming and what kind of IT-specialists will be most sought-after.