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  • Summer School in Laser Technologies: Helping Students Kickstart Their Research

    Talented and passionate school students can get their chance to work with lasers at ITMO’s Summer School in Laser Technologies. Those who present their projects at the national Congress of Young Scientists will receive additional points when applying to ITMO’s Bachelor’s programs. Read on to learn more about the school.


  • ITMO Scientists on Developing Laser Brush for Drawing on Metallic Surfaces

    With this non-paint brush of over 20 colors and shades, artists may no longer need to be afraid of uneven lines or inadequate palettes. All missteps can be easily erased or repainted with no risk of ruining a picture. The first prototype of the laser brush should see the light of day by the end of summer. In the meantime, the researchers have published an article describing the very technology of laser miniature painting on metallic surfaces.


  • Scientists Manage to Capture Light in a Polymeric Quasicrystal

    In the future, the use of quasicrystals may open up new possibilities for laser and sensor design. This paper was published in the Advanced Optical Materials journal.


  • Lasers for Medicine: ITMO and Partners Work on Improving Medical Titanium Alloys’ Biocompatibility

    Team of the international laboratory “Laser Micro- and Nanotechnologies” wins Russian Science Foundation grant for fundamental research. The project is aimed at developing comprehensive methods for improving biocompatibility and bacterial resistance of medical titanium alloys, including those used in dental implants.


  • St. Petersburg Scientists Propose Prototype of New Infrared Visualizer

    Scientists from ITMO University, Saint Petersburg Academic University, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) have created a flexible and transparent membrane which makes infrared beams visible to the human eye. It can be used to make visualizers needed at optical laboratories and production facilities. Their work was published in ACS Nano journal.   


  • Painting with Plasma: ITMO University Researchers Propose a Way of Fast and Inexpensive Glass Processing for Microoptics and Microfluidics

    A research team from ITMO University has come up with a new technology for creating diffraction and microoptical elements on glass for use in photonics, laser systems and microfluidics. With its help, various diffraction elements for laser beam profile transformation and splitting can be produced fast and without much expense. ITMO.NEWS met with  the researchers to find out what gives their idea an advantage compared to the traditional methods of transparent materials processing.


  • ISS Simulation Software, Laser Breathalyser and Metal 3D Printer: A Tour of Laser Systems

    This year, ITMO University hosted the third winter school “It’s Your Call!” for participants of the “I am a Professional” student competition. Sberbank served as the general partner of the school that annually brings together students from all over Russia. The school consists of workshops, lectures and tours of major companies and research institutions. Last week, the participants went to Laser Systems, a high-tech company based in Strelna. There, they discovered how lasers can help make flights safer and detect the level of someone’s alcohol intoxication and saw a 3D printer working with metal powders. 


  • ITMO University Scientists Found a Way to Release Drugs from Polymer Carriers in a Non-Invasive Way

    The concept is based on the interaction of resonant semiconductor iron oxide Fe2O3 nanoparticles with light. They can get heated locally by a laser and convert the absorbed light into heat. If you modify the shell of the polymer containers (capsules) that are widely used as a carriers for the delivery of bioactive compounds in cells and irradiate them with a laser, the heat will deform the capsules and the loaded compounds will be released at the desired location and time. The research was published in Laser and Photonics Reviews.