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  • ITMO Master’s Student on Her Exchange in Barcelona: Tips, Tricks, Impressions

    Alexandra Shapovalova, a second-year Master’s student at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, spent a semester in Barcelona, participating in an academic exchange program at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the student shares her experiences of the program. Read on to learn about why people in Barcelona fight over a room with a window, how to travel in Spain and Europe on a budget and what to expect from your studies.


  • Grant Applications No Longer a Headache: Potanin Scholarship Lifehacks from Successful Contestants

    The application process for the Potanin Scholarship Program for academic staff will close in two weeks. ITMO.NEWS has already covered the process of applying for a Vladimir Potanin Scholarship as a student. Now it is ITMO lecturers’ turn to share their experiences of winning the grant. Last year, Deputy Director of the Science Communication and Outreach Office Daria Denisova participated in the ‘New…’ category and won a scholarship for completing her ‘Navigator for a science popularizer’ project, while Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations professor Tatyana Maksimova, together with a group of colleagues, was awarded a grant in the ‘Study program’ category. Here are their tried-and-tested life hacks to help you increase your chances of success both in the Potanin Scholarship contests and other grants out there!


  • IT-evening for High Schoolers: Sports Programming, Evolutionary Algorithms and Genome Sequencing

    IT-evenings for high schoolers at ITMO University is a new format of communication between the leading lecturers, researchers and specialists and potential students that the university plans to conduct on a regular basis. Now, every school student will have an opportunity to learn about advanced technologies and education from people who know most about it. As part of the first event, the participants got to talk to world champions in sports programming, as well as members of ITMO’s Computer Technologies International Laboratory, who told them about the opportunities presented by evolutionary algorithms, and new tasks in the field of bioinformatics. ITMO.NEWS put down their advice for future professionals.


  • Exchange Programs: General Advice and Life-Hacks From Recent Participants

    Every ITMO student has the opportunity to participate in international exchange programs; in essence, all you have to do is make up your mind, choose a program, and put together the necessary paperwork. In this article by ITMO.NEWS, the International Educational Programs Department and some of the recent exchange students share their advice and experience.


  • Back Into Swing: Life-hacks For Adapting Your Lifestyle

    The summer is over, you got a new roommate in the dorms, and the first lecture will be this week already - scary, isn’t it? After the summer holidays, adapting to a new lifestyle of work or study may take a long time, and the unfinished projects would just pile up towards the end-of-semester exams… Read about the ways to increase - or, at least, retain your efficiency in an article by ITMO.NEWS!