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  • Dorm Life At ITMO Through The Eyes of International Students

    Living abroad can be full of unexpected surprises, and one major topic of concern is always accommodation. Prospective students often ask where they’re going to live and what the dorms are like. At ITMO, we have several housing options, each equipped with modern amenities to make it feel like home. Here’s what ITMO students say about their experience living in the university’s dormitories.


  • What’s In Season? A Guide to Summer Fruit & Veg in Russia

    Who doesn’t love a lovely watermelon on a hot summer day? But what often sets a local and a guest of the city apart is knowing when it’s smart to buy one – and when you’re likely to end up with a dud. We all know each fruit and vegetable has its season, but it’s often not the same in different parts of the world. So if this is your first summer in St. Petersburg, here’s how to make the most of your trip to the farmer’s market.


  • ITMO University Joins the FISU Healthy Campus Program

    The university has recently received the healthy campus certificate from the International University Sports Federation (FISU). This initiative aims to promote a healthy and green lifestyle, as well as physical activity, sustainable development, and gender equality in universities across the world. Program representatives commended the university's achievements in sports and ecology, as well as its Well-Being strategic project, which will all be soon featured in the FISU Healthy Campus’s best practices collection and thus provide guidance for other universities worldwide.


  • Bookcrossing in St. Petersburg: Where, How, and Why

    Leave a book and pick up a new one – that’s the motto of all bookswappers around the world. If you’ve never known it was a thing or have always wanted to try it out, our handy guide will not only give you all the whats and whys but will also reveal some bookcrossing hotspots in and around St. Petersburg.


  • The Science of Hobbies: Six Relaxing Activities You Should Try

    Hobbies bring us joy and make our lives more exciting, but did you know that they actually provide us with numerous benefits – both physical and mental? That’s what science says! Here’s why you shouldn’t neglect your passions, which activities you can take up to feel good, and how to fit them into even the tightest schedule.


  • 6 Unexpectedly Cool Things About Living in Russia

    From fast trains to online banking – here’s our guide to the advantages of life in Russia inspired by international experience.


  • Top Tips to Save Money in Russia

    Getting ready to visit Russia but worried it will make a hole in your budget? Fear not, our money-saving tips will get you to the Scrooge McDuck level of shrewdness in no time! 


  • Student Spotlight: Le Trong-Minh and Võ Minh Thien Long, Vietnam

    There are currently over 150 international students from Vietnam studying at ITMO. Meet Le Trong-Minh and Võ Minh Thien Long, two Vietnamese international students, and get a glimpse of their country and their culture.


  • Russian Vegan's Shopping Starter Pack

    It’s not only the expensive stuff with a huge green V on the package that is vegan – some Russian manufacturers don't really highlight the fact that their products are also free of animal-sourced ingredients. This means that there are more vegan choices at your nearest supermarket than you might think.


  • How To Be Vegan in St. Petersburg

    A huge 21st century trend, veganism has now reached Russia. In big cities like St. Petersburg, one by one cafes are becoming more vegan-friendly and more stores are providing plant-based options. Although small positive changes towards meatless and dairy-free lifestyles can be seen more often, vegans still need a guide on how to survive in St. Petersburg.