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  • Travelers, Bikers, and Fashionistas: ITMO's 2024 Calendar Makes Science Cool

    ITMO wouldn’t be ITMO if we didn’t do something extraordinary to mark the end of the year. This time, the university tells 12 stories of science heroes from a different angle: you will learn about not only their work, but also their hobbies, values, and dreams. You will find the looks and stories of scientists, entrepreneurs, and science artists in a calendar called The Big Style Theory.


  • Fashion Police: Where Do ITMO Students Get Their Outfits?

    For this article, we pretended that we belonged in Vogue and went around the Lomonosova campus, asking our students about their OOTDs. Read on to discover where to shop for your next look – with bonus tips from yours truly.


  • ITMO Psychologist’s Advice: How To Reduce Stress and Prepare for Exams

    The 2023 admission campaign is in full swing, which means thousands of prospective students are currently prepping their portfolios, submitting their contest results, and taking entrance exams – which, by the way, will come to an end on August 2. We know that exams can be stressful, so we’ve asked Evgeniya Ostasheva, a psychologist at ITMO’s Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, for some practical tips on how to stay sane during exam season.


  • Making Russian Friends: International Students' Experiences at ITMO

    One of the most rewarding aspects of studying abroad is the opportunity to build connections with people from different cultures and backgrounds. What's it like for international students to make friends at ITMO? We asked a few of them to recount their experiences of making Russian friends and immersing themselves in the rich culture and traditions of Russia.


  • Glimpses of Student Life at ITMO Dormitories

    ITMO is a great choice for international students who seek not only quality education but also a lively and engaging campus experience. The university's dormitories provide a welcoming environment where peers from around the world can come together, make friends, and enjoy a wide array of fun activities. Let's explore how these dormitories provide a sense of belonging and camaraderie to ITMO students from around the globe.


  • Nature Inside: Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Gardening

    Looking for ways to add some color to your room? Get some plants! From buying a houseplant that speaks to you to keeping it alive, here are some basics of greening up your life.  


  • Student Spotlight: Sharif Muradi, Afghanistan

    Are you a new international student at ITMO? Then you must have a lot of questions. How does it feel to be an international student in Russia? How to keep yourself warm during the harsh winter? What are some popular food options and tourist spots in St. Petersburg? We talked to Sharif, a second-year student from Afghanistan, to get his take on such questions. Read on to find out more.


  • Student Spotlight: Usman Farooq, Pakistan

    Studying abroad is exciting, but it has its own highs and lows. One of the challenges is adapting to a new place and a new culture. For students like Usman Farooq, being away from home in a new country is difficult. But Usman is not a quitter! Despite all odds, he is working relentlessly to not only adapt to the new setting but also make the most of his opportunities. Take a sneak peek into the life of Usman, who traveled from Lahore to St. Petersburg to fulfill his dream of studying at ITMO.


  • Dorm Life At ITMO Through The Eyes of International Students

    Living abroad can be full of unexpected surprises, and one major topic of concern is always accommodation. Prospective students often ask where they’re going to live and what the dorms are like. At ITMO, we have several housing options, each equipped with modern amenities to make it feel like home. Here’s what ITMO students say about their experience living in the university’s dormitories.


  • What’s In Season? A Guide to Summer Fruit & Veg in Russia

    Who doesn’t love a lovely watermelon on a hot summer day? But what often sets a local and a guest of the city apart is knowing when it’s smart to buy one – and when you’re likely to end up with a dud. We all know each fruit and vegetable has its season, but it’s often not the same in different parts of the world. So if this is your first summer in St. Petersburg, here’s how to make the most of your trip to the farmer’s market.