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  • Student Spotlight: Alperen Cihan, Turkey

    Alperen Cihan, a Bachelor’s student from Gaziantep, Turkey, shares his enriching experience as an exchange student at ITMO. From discovering new passions to embracing challenges, he offers insights into his journey and life in St. Petersburg. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Alperen.


  • Student Spotlight: Chirravuri Krishna Chaitanya, India

    This week we caught up with Chirravuri Krishna Chaitanya, a Bachelor’s student from India currently on a six-month exchange program at ITMO. In this interview, Krishna talks about his journey from Punjab to Russia, his experiences with the Russian education system, and his newfound love for the vibrant culture of St. Petersburg. Read on!


  • New Method To Turn Medicine Into Pills With AI Developed at ITMO

    ITMO researchers have developed a machine learning-based algorithm that will make the production of finished dosage forms easier and cheaper. Thanks to the new solution, even before experimental tests it will be possible to generate accessory molecules with the necessary properties and assemble them into a structure of a treatment – a pharmaceutical co-crystal. The results of the research behind the algorithm will be presented for the first time at a dedicated workshop of the prestigious AAAI Conference.


  • ITMO to Provide More Tuition-Free Positions in AI – As Ordered by President of Russia

    By September 1, 2024, ITMO and other leading Russian universities are to increase the number of tuition-free positions within educational programs in AI. According to the order of the Russian President, the country’s major universities are to train the next generation of world-class specialists in the field.


  • Student Spotlight: Zoalfkar-Ali Deeb, Syria

    Discover the journey of Zoalfkar-Ali Deeb, an IT professional who re-entered student life after a decade to pursue a Master’s degree in machine learning at ITMO. Explore his experiences, challenges, and triumphs as he navigated this unique transition. Stay tuned for practical advice and insights for younger students, as he shares the transformative power of embracing change and lifelong learning.  


  • ITMO Chemists' New Technology Detects Antibiotics in Milk

    With electrochemical analysis (a high sensitivity method for detecting target substances in solutions) and machine learning at its core, the new technology developed at ITMO can automatically detect the exact quantity of antibiotics in milk. Apart from protecting consumers from harmful substances, the new solution can be used to analyze other environments, such as oil (for revealing unwanted contaminants), coffee (for determining its quality), and wine (for verifying its authenticity). The technology with its underlying research was described in an article in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


  • ITMO Scientists Named Best at Blue Sky Research Competition

    Four research projects developed by scientists from ITMO University received the top accolades in this year’s Blue Sky Research competition, which focuses on AI applications in agricultural and food industries, with winners receiving 1.5-million-ruble grants. This competition aims to support young researchers with promising high-risk ideas. 


  • Student Spotlight: Muslimbek Abdurakhimov, Uzbekistan

    In this interview, we meet Muslimbek, a first-year Master's student of big data and machine learning at ITMO who shares the essence of his hometown, the driving force behind his venture into machine learning, and his vibrant life beyond studies. A true enthusiast, Muslimbek effortlessly balances academia with a myriad of hobbies. Join us for an inspiring conversation as we uncover his unique journey, offering a glimpse into the soul of a machine learning aficionado.


  • Student Spotlight: Affandy Fahrizain, Indonesia

    Meet Affandy, a recent graduate of ITMO’s Big Data and Machine Learning program, who comes from the vibrant archipelago of Indonesia. In this interview, he takes us on a captivating voyage through his experiences, sharing the highs and lows of his life in St. Petersburg, his hobbies, and a glimpse into the enchanting traditions of his homeland. Read on!


  • ITMO Scientists Suggest New Synthesis Method For Nanoparticles Used in Cancer Treatment and Diagnostics

    Researchers from ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster have suggested a new way of synthesizing magnetic nanoparticles for cancer treatment and diagnostics. Thanks to machine learning at the core of the new approach, the scientists can quickly select the properties of nanoparticles for efficient MRI diagnostics and hyperthermia treatment. With the new method, the synthesis of a single nanoparticle takes just a few seconds – compared to the hours required in the conventional experimental approach. The method was described in a paper published in Small.