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  • Scientists Optimize Growing Neurons from Stem Cells Using Machine Learning and Robots

    A UK scientist and a PhD student from ITMO University’s Machine Learning Lab have created a robot that automates biological experiments. The invention will make it possible to train an algorithm for controlling the growth of neurons from stem cells. Going forward, the project’s authors plan to generate circuits from neurons grown that way. 


  • ITMO University and VK Carry Out Research in the Field of Machine Learning and User Metrics

    In addition to making it possible to improve the tools for analyzing user activity and algorithm training, the research also has fundamental value. Work on the project continued for about six months, with its results currently being used to develop research papers. 


  • Yandex Names ITMO University Student as Recipient of Ilya Segalovich Award

    Vyacheslav Shalamov, a PhD student from ITMO University’s Information Technology and Programming Faculty, is one of the recipients of the Ilya Segalovich Award by Yandex. ITMO.NEWS asked him about his scientific achievements, ideas, and plans for the future.


  • Machine Learning for Newbies: How to Use Ready-Made Google Solutions to Create Your Own Models

    The third annual meetup on the use of artificial intelligence and big data in marketing by the agency Sociaro was held in April. Among the speakers was Yuri Konov, a customer engineer at Google Cloud. He talked about the opportunities for solving machine learning tasks offered by Google to developers, business analysts, marketing specialists and scientists, and whether you have to be really good at machine learning to make use of those. 


  • Lead Analyst at Group Anatoly Karpov: Statistics are Available to Anyone

    Since 2018, every ITMO University student regardless of their educational program has to study a number of disciplines that make up the Digital Culture block. Apart from Data Analysis and Machine Learning, the block features Applied Statistics. In this ITMO.NEWS article, we asked Anatoly Karpov, lead analyst at Group and author of popular MOOCs on statistics and machine learning, why it is important to avoid the “Humanities vs STEM” divide, and how statistics can counter fake news. 


  • ITMO Researchers' Improved Text Recognition Algorithm Helps Analyze Century-Old Russian Texts

    Staff members of ITMO University’s Digital Humanities Research Center and Laboratory of Machine Learning joined their forces to teach an algorithm to analyze archival texts and identify names, titles, and addresses. Existing algorithms that were developed using contemporary texts often fail to process books and articles from the past, especially ones that are over a century old. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with the researchers to learn more about this achievement and the St. Retrospect project, a map of the city’s historically significant sites for which this research was conducted.


  • ITMO University and Yandex Launch New Master’s Program in Data Analytics

    ITMO University and Yandex will start training data analysis specialists. The Master’s program in Data Analytics is set to launch in the new academic year, but applications are already open. Students have the opportunity to be awarded with two diplomas: one from ITMO University and another from Yandex’s Computer Science Center. Read on to learn more about the program. 


  • Machine Learning Hackathon by Botan Investments and AMZScout Takes Place at ITMO University

    A large-scale machine learning hackathon with a total prize fund of 425,000 rubles took place at ITMO University in March, with more than 100 people taking part. Among the sponsors were the AMZScout company and the Botan Investments foundation. Read on to find out more information about the hackathon’s tasks, winners, and rewards in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Sagar Kumar: My Desire Is to Help Humankind in Every Way Possible

    Hailing from India, Sagar Kumar is a Master’s degree student of the Big Data and Machine Learning program at ITMO University. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from ICFAI University in Jaipur, India, he came to St. Petersburg driven by fascination for data science and a desire to bring positive change to the world. We chatted with Sagar to learn more about his research, quantum cognition, and his first-ever hockey game. 


  • Gideon Henryk: Machine Learning Student on Food, Architecture and the Future

    Gideon is now a Master’s student at ITMO University’s Faculty of Information Technology and Programming, but before that, he studied philosophy and economics in Germany, where he got into game theory and rationality while improving his programming skills. When it came time to travel to Russia, he shared he wasn’t prepared at all for what was going to happen.