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  • ITMO and Samolet Group Launch New Master’s Program for IT Team Leads

    ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science and Samolet Group have launched a new corporate Master’s program for future team leads in IT. There, through solving business tasks and partner industry cases, students will acquire the competencies necessary for being both a team leader and an IT developer. Graduates will be able to lead IT projects at major companies without any additional training.


  • Practices in Management: An Optional Course by ITMO Student

    Not only lecturers, but also students at ITMO can create and teach their own optional courses. This April, first winners of the contest for original courses and participants of the ITMO.Mentors initiative launched their own courses at the university. Maria Tsyplyaeva, a first-year Master’s student at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, is one of the new lecturers with her course Practices in Management, where she will talk about building systems for daily management tasks based on her three years of experience as a project manager. What is it like to make your own course from the ground up? And why should students attend lectures by their peers? Read on to find out. 


  • Student Spotlight: Ana Cristina Fierros Escobedo, Mexico

    What if the top destination on your bucket list becomes your study destination? Meet Ana, who always wanted to live in St. Petersburg and was finally able to bring her dream to life by becoming a student at ITMO. She is a first-year Master’s student in the Quality Management program and vlogging is one of her many hobbies. Read on to learn more about her personal experiences in St. Petersburg.


  • How to Organize Teamwork and Avoid Conflicts: Tips by an ITMO Graduate

    As part of the Creating a Technology Business course, Viktor Viktorov, an ITMO graduate and a development director of the Crystal Service Integration company, shared his experience in managing both small and large teams.


  • Master’s Studies at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations: An Overview

    Is it possible to teach someone to become a leader? The staff of ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations believes that it is and trains global leaders in the field of high tech and innovations. The Faculty’s graduates are flexible, strategic thinkers, able to make decisions in conditions of uncertainty, and know their trade inside out. Read more on how to become a competent manager in the innovations sector in just two years of Master’s studies in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • A Guide to Assembling an Effective Business Team

    A business begins with an idea, and grows only under careful guidance of a team. That’s why one of the most important tasks for an entrepreneur is to choose the right associates, establish ties within the team, and provide it with competent leadership. Olga Kovrova, founder of the company KCG and expert in the field of sales, explained which criteria to use when choosing team members, why in this process it’s important to take into account your own weaknesses, and how to avoid the most common management mistakes. The workshop “How to Build an Effective Business Team” was organized by the inter-university Entrepreneurship Club. ITMO.NEWS publishes the keynotes.


  • Games and Theory: How Mining Company Employees Learned to Develop Strategies Using Their Own Inventions at ITMO

    Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) and ITMO University have been organizing professional development courses for the company’s employees for five years. This year was an experimental one as an engineering course on the theory of inventive problem solving created by the University’s experts was added to the usual management course. Read on to learn about the educational process, the most memorable moments of the courses and some other changes to the previous curriculum. 


  • ITMO Graduate and Business Coach Marianna Krel: When Working With People, Trust Comes Above All Else

    Marianna Krel graduated with honors from ITMO University in 2006. Having started out as a software engineer at OpenWayGroup after her graduation, she soon became a project lead and continued her education at a number of business schools and worked with a variety of companies, including France Telecom, PwC, and ROSATOM. Today, she is a business consultant on organizational adjustment projects and project management, an MBA lecturer at RANEPA, and an assessor of the Russian government’s Project Olympus contest. Ms. Krel was named among Delovoy Peterburg’s list of St. Petersburg Most Influential Women. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, she discussed the importance of technical education for managers, the benefits of being multilingual, and the best way to launch one’s project.


  • Project Management Institute: Helping Project Managers Develop

    Project Management Institute (PMI) is an international organization that helps millions of specialists all over the world boost their professional growth in the field of project management. As of now, there are only two PMI chapters operating in Russia, one of them in St. Petersburg. In a recent open lecture at ITMO, PMI representatives spoke about the main objectives of the global organization and its St. Petersburg chapter. They also discussed the specifics of working as an IT project manager.


  • Head of the .NET-Development Department at JetBrains Sergey Kux: Don’t Build a Process Just for the Sake of It

    Many companies are now turning to specific technical solutions in their pursuit to streamline business processes and improve communications between teams. For the .NET-development Department of JetBrains, these consist of CI-integrated merge robot and organizational silver bullets such as EAP (Early Access Program), Feature Freeze, and others. In his recent visit to ITMO, Head of the .NET-development department of the company Sergey Kux met with the university’s students and staff and told them about effective practices for managing the development processes that are used at JetBrains.