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  • The Experiment: Facing My Fears

    I asked my colleagues to write a list of potentially scary things I could do – and then tried doing them all in just one day. Did conquering these fears make me fearless? Read on to find out.


  • How to Be Confident: ITMO Lecturer Shares Her Tips

    We have all been there: sometimes, self-confidence can be difficult to find and foster. However, it is no impossible feat and by incorporating simple habits and practices, you can nurture your confidence step by step. That’s what we talk about in this article with Alena Bondar, who teaches the Communication and Team Building soft skills course at ITMO. Let’s dive in.


  • Being Your Own Supportive Friend: How To Grow Your Self-Esteem

    Exam season is fast approaching, and we know these tend to be stressful times. What can you do to support yourself during such anxiety-driven periods, whether exam-related or not? We turned to Yulia Romanenko, a Soft Skills lecturer at ITMO, who shared her compassionate advice on how you can become your own best friend. 


  • Fish Out of Water: Navigating the Challenges of Studying Abroad

    Are you feeling out of place in your new country as you pursue your academic career? Grappling with unfamiliar customs, dealing with language barriers, and finding your place in a new environment can be a challenge for international students. In this article, we took the initiative to look for probable solutions.


  • ITMO Psychologists Say: Four Mental Health Practices and How to Use Them

    This exam season, we want to give you a booster against stress and procrastination. Is that possible? We’ve reached out to Elena Sharapanovskaia, the head of ITMO’s Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, to ask her about four popular exercises for your mental health and the best ways to use them. Choose the ones that suit you best – and let them be your armor come your first exam. 


  • Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

    Want to feel more content and become more aware of your body and emotions? Making your first steps in mediation is surprisingly easy and the benefits could be profound. In this article, we look at the reasons you might want to try out meditating and the best ways to incorporate this trendy practice into your daily life.


  • Burnout in Academia: How It Happens and How To Prevent It

    No professional field is safe from burnout – and academia is no exception. We talked to Elena Ushakova, an ITMO PI and head of the Functionalized Carbon Nanoparticles project, about the effects of burnout on researchers and how it can be prevented.


  • The Experiment: Fix Your Sleep Schedule and Stay Sane

    Have you ever tried to get your sleep routine back on track? For me, this has been a trial-and-error process for years. Lately, I think I finally hit some solid ground. Now, I’ve documented my weeks-long journey, ranking popular get-better-sleep tips so you don’t have to make my mistakes. Here’s my story.


  • Culture Shock and How To Deal With It

    Moving overseas for higher education is an exciting prospect for many. Every year, numerous students leave the comfort of their homes to study in a foreign land – which, obviously, has several benefits. But while exploring new cities and people can be exhilarating, culture shock is prevalent among international students. Why does it happen? Can it be avoided? What are the best practices to deal with it?


  • How to Stop Reading Bad News and Calm Down

    If you are, too, constantly on your phone reading news, read this article instead to learn from Evgeniya Ostasheva, a psychologist at ITMO’s Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, why we fall victim to doomscrolling, what lies behind this obsession, and how we can stay in the loop without allowing bad news to overwhelm us.