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  • How Migraines Happen: Latest Research Reveals New Details

    Despite the fact that one in every seven people worldwide experiences migraines, their exact mechanisms and treatment have not been completely explained. In pursuit of a cure, researchers use nitroglycerin injections to simulate migraines in animals. Though commonly known as a vasodilator, the drug has exhibited inverse properties in a recent study conducted by three Russian universities. The findings shed light on migraine triggers, paving the way for novel treatment strategies.


  • Researchers Investigate Correlation Between Blood Flow and Body Position

    For the first time ever, an international research group detected alterations in capillary blood flow around the face caused by body position change. This became possible through the use of imaging photoplethysmography. Using this method, scientists can examine blood vessels located in the carotid system in order to, for example, investigate the cerebral blood flow response to various stimuli in health and disease. The results of the research were published in Scientific Reports.


  • Research Associates Migraine with Hypertension

    St. Petersburg's scientists learned that that though arterial hypertension and migraines manifest themselves differently, they may have a similar origin. The researchers discovered that patients who have migraines have twice more relatives with cardiovascular problems than healthy people.  Yet, patients with migraines and normal blood pressure and patients with migraines and hypertension react to autonomic regulation of circulation tests differently.  According to the scientists, by studying the links between these diseases, one will be able to better understand mechanisms of their development and causes of frequent cardiovascular complications in migraine patients. The article was published in the Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical.