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  • Summer Decluttering: Clothes Edition

    If decluttering seems like a mammoth task and piles of your once-favorite clothes make your head spin, here are some handy-dandy tips and tricks on how to clean out your closet and help the planet by giving your belongings a second life.


  • Friday Experiment: Decluttering

    Every time I feel stuck with a work project, I tend to reorganize something. Can’t write a report? Sort out the closet. Sometimes it just feeds my inner procrastinator and sometimes yields cool discoveries – and headspace.


  • The Experiment: Living Zero Waste for a Week

    No one is perfect, but some people still manage to eat a well-balanced plant-based diet, read a gazillion self-development books a month, meticulously reduce, reuse and recycle everything that comes their way, have stress management down to a T, and be totally mindful and present in every moment like the little Buddhas that they are. We are not these people; but in a hopeless attempt to drag ourselves at least an iota closer to that ideal, we’re introducing a new series, The Experiment, in which we try on different parts of an eco-friendly lifestyle and see how painful it is – so that you don’t have to. First up is zero waste living: top, flop, or a lifestyle only befitting to the fairies dwelling in the Neverland? Let’s see to it.