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  • Typical Russian Student’s Monthly Budget in 2022

    Curious to learn how much students spend in a month in Russia? We asked our students about their spending habits and typical budgeting categories. Here’s all you need to know when planning your monthly expenses.


  • What Can You Buy in St. Petersburg for 100 Rubles in 2022?

    Nothing and yet everything has changed since our first piece on this economic benchmark in 2019. At the time of writing of this text, 100 rubles equals about $1.3 or €1.17, roughly the same as before, while the city has made great strides in the cheap-yet-relatively-decent coffee department. If this bill is burning a hole in your pocket, here’s what it can get you in February of 2022. 


  • Top Tips to Save Money in Russia

    Getting ready to visit Russia but worried it will make a hole in your budget? Fear not, our money-saving tips will get you to the Scrooge McDuck level of shrewdness in no time!