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  • Skeletons and Scientific Wonders: 5 Exhibits To See in the Kunstkamera

    The Kunstkamera, or the Cabinet of Curiosities, is the first museum in Russia that is infamously known for its bizarre collection of oddities – but there's more to it than meets the eye. Aside from formaldehyded Siamese twins and a six-legged cat, the museum houses a myriad of other cultural and scientific relics. Starting from the indigenous peoples’ halls on the first level and all the way to the signature armillary sphere sitting atop its tower, here are five exhibits at the Kunstkamera that you absolutely can’t miss.


  • 5 Paintings To See in Hermitage’s General Staff Building

    With its trove of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces, the General Staff Building, part of the grand Hermitage Museum, may be quite overwhelming to first-time visitors as other St. Petersburg attractions. If tackling the museum’s premises seems like a challenge to you, zero in on these five must-sees to gain a rather sharp cross-section of its permanent collection.


  • 5 Paintings To See in the Russian Museum

    Continuing our series on the must-sees at St. Pete's major museums, we're moving forward to the State Russian Museum – and its top five art pieces you cannot miss.


  • 5 Exhibits To See in the Hermitage Museum

    On par with the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is the type of museum for which even a lifetime isn’t enough to explore it to the full. This list highlights the five most notable exhibits to ensure you enjoy the museum’s best bits, whether you’re planning a quick spin through its halls or a full-day itinerary.


  • Beyond St. Petersburg: A Hidden Gem of Gatchina

    The Priory Palace is one of the lesser famous sites of Gatchina, St. Petersburg’s biggest suburban city and the capital of the Leningrad Oblast. Often overlooked due to its small size and location, it is yet a wonderful place to visit. 


  • Exploring St. Petersburg: Yandex Museum of Vintage Computers

    What I really love about St. Petersburg is that it truly stands up to its “cultural capital” title – and not just because of old renowned museums like the Hermitage. New places dedicated to things other than Russian history and fine arts keep appearing in the city, and Yandex Museum is one such place.  


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: June 3-4, 2023

    A little bit predictable and a whole lot where-is-my-raincoat, there’s nothing like summer in St. Petersburg. Set yourself up for a fantastic summer ahead with our weekly can’t-miss list, this time featuring red-carpet movie screenings, some camera-ready events, and even kite-flying.


  • The Legendary Scientists of St. Petersburg and Where To Find Them

    When it was founded in 1703, St. Petersburg was envisioned as the scientific capital of Russia. The city certainly lived up to this dream, with some of the brightest minds in history choosing to call this place their home. Why not reach out to scientific geniuses of the past to inspire your studies?


  • Magic of Science: 5 St. Petersburg Museums to Attend on Winter Holidays

    In St. Petersburg, there are over 200 museums and their branches. The New Year’s holidays offer a great opportunity to visit the most interesting of them. Listening to The Nutcracker under a starry sky, learning about the exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic, experiencing the magic of light – these are just a few of the ways to learn more about science during the holidays!


  • How To Spend the Holidays in St. Petersburg

    Festive strolls around the city, dazzling light shows, and more – here’s your action plan for the upcoming holidays and beyond.