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  • Russia Marks Day of Remembrance and Sorrow

    On June 22, 1941, German troops invaded the Soviet Union’s territory, starting the Great Patriotic War. Some 1,418 candles will be lit today at the war memorials around Russia for each day of the war, keeping the memory alive.


  • Lectorium 2.0: How Culture Goes Online

    “How to make culture digital?” - this is a question that has been brought up at the recent Lectorium 2.0. Senior employees of theaters, museums and concert halls from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belgium and Sweden spoke online about how they were facing isolation and their attempts at solving the associated problems. Read about the future’s relevant professions, new formats and virtual guests in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • This Stay-At-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: March 21-22, 2020

    Self-isolation doesn't mean getting bored. With St. Petersburg cultural landmarks closed until further notice, we'd like to take you on a no-expenses-needed tour of Russia’s unusual regional museums. Pour yourself that cuppa – and let’s go!


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Yusupov Palace

    There are few places in St. Petersburg that illustrate the extravagance of Russian nobility better than the Yusupov Palace. Once home to one of the Russian Empire's richest noble families, it's a statement in history and decorum – as well as the site of enigmatic Grigori Rasputin's grisly assassination.


  • Three St. Petersburg Museums to Visit Now

    With the global health situation reducing the long wait lines, now might be a perfect time to see some of the most coveted museums in St. Petersburg.


  • Siege of Leningrad: 900 Days of Courage

    Today St. Petersburg celebrates the 76th anniversary of the lifting of the Siege of Leningrad. One of the defining moments of World War II, it had a profound impact on history, and on generations of people who live here. 


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Soviet Art and Holo Eyes in Manege

    The Manege – a massive exhibition center on St. Isaac’s Square – can be the quintessential St. Petersburg experience, blending classical grandeur of with modern, sometimes quirky themes.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Grand Model Russia

    Feel like going on a trip? Grand Maket Rossiya (Grand Model Russia) is a private museum that lets you experience the vastness of the world’s largest country all the way from its most western city of Kaliningrad to the Pacific ports in Vladivostok.


  • Steps Away: Places to Explore Near ITMO University's Lomonosova Campus

    In the Russian language, the word okno – “window” – has another meaning familiar to any student or professor: “an empty period between classes”. Whether you’re a virtuoso of time management or someone who makes it up as they go along, you’ll be sure to encounter these in your daily life. In this series, we’ll consider a few options for how to put that extra time to good use. With Kronverksky 49 out of the way, here are a few interesting destinations to explore within walking distance of ITMO University’s Lomonosova St. 9 campus.


  • The Kunstkamera: St. Petersburg’s “Chamber of Curiosities”

    In 2019, the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, or Kunstkamera, a longtime partner of ITMO University, is celebrating its 305th anniversary. Among the events held on this occasion was the lecture “Kunstkamera – the First Russian Museum: 305 Years of Tradition” by tour guide Natalia Rikter. Here are some of the highlights from the history of Russia’s first museum.