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  • What a Twist: Silicon Nanoantennas Turned Light Around

    Theoretical results will enable scientists to design nanodevices with extraordinary features for use in optoelectronics A team of physicists from ITMO University, MIPT and University of Texas at Austin developed an unconventional nanoantenna scatters light in the desired direction depending on the intensity of received radiation. The results lay foundation for flexible optical information processing in telecommunication systems.


  • Nonlinear Metamaterials in Making Computers More Effective

    As of now, optical systems for information processing are a trend developed by scientists worldwide, as they can greatly enhance computations. Many put their hopes in the use of nonlinear metamaterials. The first step to it is increasing the efficiency of nonlinear signal conversion. Maxim Gorlach from ITMO's Nano-photonics and Metamaterials Center and his colleagues work on solving one of the fundamental problems that contribute to the research of nonlinear metamaterials' properties with regard to spatial dispersion. Their results were highly appreciated by international experts at the Metamaterials-2016 international conference in Crete — the team was awarded a diploma for the best theoretical research.