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  • Our Team’s Top 3 Songs of 2023

    What better way is there to review the year if not to look back on your go-to songs? We’ve done just that – welcome the special end-of-the-year edition of songs, with all our dearest favorites. May 2024 bring even more wonderful, soul-soothing tunes!


  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Snacks & Appetizers

    With Olivier, furry herring, and a zillion other mayo mixes, Russians take their festive foods very seriously. Apart from these New Year’s mainstays, the tables will soon be piled high with other, no less delicious meals that are a hit with everyone.


  • Top Spots for Cool and Unusual Gifts in St. Petersburg

    Books, sweets, and socks no longer making your “best gifts to give” list? Luckily, there are all kinds of unique pieces and opportunities in St. Pete that will make for original, wholesome presents this holiday season. Without further ado, let’s dive right in – we promise, you’ll find your holiday spirit along the way!


  • Student Spotlight: Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong, Vietnam

    If traveling is a part of your New Year’s resolutions, then Vietnam should definitely be on top of your destination list. Filled with beautiful scenery, mouth-watering food, and kind-hearted people, this country is undoubtedly a great place to relax and rejuvenate. Interestingly, ITMO is home to a massive community of Vietnamese students and Thuy Duong is a recent addition to the family. But what led her to ITMO? Let’s learn from Duong herself!


  • Student Spotlight: Anton Mahenge, Tanzania

    Studying abroad in Russia is exciting, but it also has its own challenges. For some, the winter is brutal, while for others, the food is quite different from what they are familiar with. But for Anton, an international student from Tanzania, no such problem exists. How so? Well, there’s a twist to his tale that he reveals later in this interview. Read on to find out.


  • The Best and Worst Gifts We Have Ever Received

    From retro gadgets to vinyl records and more, here’s a list of the gifts we’ve gotten over the years that we were eternally grateful for – and ones that made us pull a Benedict Cumberbatch. 


  • ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly: International Student Edition

    In Russia, if you wish someone a merry Christmas on December 25, the most likely reply you will get is “not yet!” Why? Because here in Russia, Christmas is celebrated after the New Year, on January 7. But that’s not the only difference! Here’s how ITMO’s international students spend their winter holidays in Russia.


  • From ITMO With Love: A Science Postcard For the New Year

    New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for a flight of fantasy. Having been your guides to the world of science at ITMO throughout the year, we’ve wondered: what if all the different specialists were to throw a party where they wouldn’t simply share their discoveries but demonstrate what they’ve achieved? And this is what we got: the most scientific New Year’s postcard from ITMO – with infinite-charge string lights, healthy cookies, robots of every kind, and more. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.


  • Our Top Non-Holiday Holiday Songs

    It's been a whirlwind year of music in our editorial team. We jammed to our top favorites, got nostalgic about our school years, came up with a killer playlist for a Halloween party, and even found a musical cure to the blues. But which songs are we listening to now as we enter 2023? Spoiler alert: it’s not Last Christmas or All I Want For Christmas Is You.


  • 5 Surprising Facts About Russian New Year

    What’s Old New Year? Who is Kysh Babay? And why won’t a new year come unless Zhenya and his friends go to the banya? Find all the answers below.