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  • Student Spotlight: Melany Jaramillo, Panama

    One of ITMO’s key values is love – and so, it’s only fitting that love is at the core of the story of one of our international students, Melany. Having found her Russian second half in Panama, Melany decided to travel with him all the way to St. Petersburg to start a new chapter of her life. In today’s interview, we dig deeper into her love story and learn why coming to ITMO was one of the best decisions of her life.


  • What to Read, Watch and Listen to on the Winter Holidays

    The holiday season is a great time to not only feast and party, but also to do the things you haven’t had the time for during the year. Finally, you can read the books that don’t have to do with your work or studies, watch that movie or series that everyone is talking about, or try a new podcast to liven up your daily stroll or treadmill session. We want to share our own list of things to read and watch so you can consider them for your New Year plans.


  • Holidays in Russia: International Students’ Insights

    Most of us are geared up for the upcoming celebration: Christmas trees are decorated, arrangements are made, movie marathons are planned. But what about our international students? For most of them, this New Year is going to be the first one spent away from their homes and families. We wanted to make sure they’re also ready to have a good time, so we asked them to share their plans and wishes for these winter holidays.


  • ITMO University in 2021: A Year in Review

    This year we celebrated 121 years of ITMO University. As with any other year, we had no shortage of challenges – but nothing we couldn’t rise above. There were also great new achievements to be proud of, such as grants, prizes, and awards and some extraordinary research accomplishments. On the international scale, we welcomed nearly 900 new international students.


  • Dress Like a Russian: Holiday Costumes

    Snowflake, bunny, or squirrel – choose the perfect outfit for this New Year with our childhood-inspired list!


  • Have Yourself a Vegan Russian New Year

    If you’re worried you can’t have a complete Russian New Year experience as a vegan, we are here to prove you wrong. Here is our handy guide on how to greet 2022 (or any year) plant-based and happy. Enjoy! 


  • New Year in Russia: All You Need to Know

    The holidays are approaching faster than ever before, and it’s high time to review all the relevant traditions, superstitions, and lifehacks to have your best New Year’s in Russia. So suit up and let’s go!


  • A Very DIY NY: Best Holiday Gifts

    The holiday season is here, and with it the eternal struggle of choosing the perfect gift. Store-bought gifts can be great, but sometimes you just want that extra personal touch. Thankfully, in our time doing it yourself (or simply DIYing) is as accessible and fun as it’s ever been. It can be challenging (if you like a challenge) – or it can be as simple as following a manual or working alongside a professional. Here are some of our ideas and suggestions on how to personalize your gifts and the best spots in St. Petersburg to do it.


  • This Weekend: December Festivities in St. Petersburg

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, isn’t it? So let’s get into the right mood by crossing everything off our festive must-do list in St. Petersburg this weekend! 


  • Wanted: Ded Moroz, Snegurochka, and Other Russian New Year’s Characters

    Two legends in fur hats and coats. Stealing the hearts of all kids (and many adults) with magic and generosity every year. Last seen on New Year’s night. Does it ring any bells? Meet the two main symbols of the New Year in Russia.