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  • Over 30 Courses Launch on ITMO/Online

    The ITMO/Online educational platform launched in summer 2022 with a selection of nine courses in science art, bioethics, emotional intelligence and other fields. In 2023, the platform widened its scope, now offering over 30 paid and free courses in a wide array of fields, including IT, educational technologies, and business technologies. Learn more about the courses in this article. 


  • Teach Me, Teach – New ITMO Podcast Tackles Education Today

    Should you study at a university or take an online course instead? Can you learn a new job in just one month? What should you be taught at a school or university? And why can't programmers do without soft skills? Every two weeks, experts from higher education institutions, EdTech, and IT will talk about these and other relevant topics on ITMO’s podcast – Teach Me, Teach – hosted by Anton Komolov, a pioneering TV host with MTV Russia, and Daria Kozlova, ITMO’s First Vice Rector and Education Director at Yandex.


  • EMI Is the Answer: ITMO Experts on How To Teach Your Subject in English

    ITMO boasts over 20 educational programs in English that welcome both Russian and international students. However, no matter how good the lecturer’s command of the language, teaching in English is still a challenging task. Recent studies demonstrate that studying in a non-native language is associated with lower concentration and information retention rates. That’s where EMI training comes to the rescue – it’s a training method that’s gaining popularity all over the world and is widely applied at ITMO. Read on to find out all about it. 


  • ITMO.Online: ITMO Launches its Own Learning Platform

    ITMO.Online is a digital educational platform offering unconventional and interdisciplinary courses in Russian for everyone interested in lifelong learning. The platform currently has nine courses (e.g. Art & Science, bioethics, and emotional intelligence), with ten more programs in data analysis, marketing, food technology, and modern educational technologies expected to appear by the end of the year.  Learn more about the service in our article.


  • International Winter Schools 2021-2022: Python, Hackathons, and More

    Looking for some opportunities to train your professional skills, discover new fields, or present your project? Here are six winter schools, both on- and offline, that are a great chance to boost your knowledge and skills, as well as practice your English! 


  • The Subtle Art of Teaching Online

    The world saw a tremendous increase in online lectures during lockdown and in no time it became a trend. Apparently, teaching and learning online is going to be a part of our lives forever. Here are a few tricks that I learned from over 100 hours of teaching online.


  • EduEnvi: Towards Sustainable Development and Waste Management in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Europe

    The EduEnvi program concluded with a final conference at ITMO University that brought together representatives of six Russian and Kazakh universities with European partners joining online. Read on to learn the main results of the four-year-long project and its prospects.


  • Best Educational Platforms for Beginners, Intermediates, and Pros

    With the sudden boom in online learning, school is no longer the only source of knowledge. You can learn anywhere, anytime, and just about anything – and educational platforms and apps are your best helpers here (surprise, it’s not Coursera alone).


  • ITMO’s Russian Language and Culture Winter School: Experiences from Our Students

    At ITMO University we offer several short-term programs in different fields of interest. Usually, these courses are held in winter or summer. This time we had the opportunity to talk with some of the students who participated in the Winter School in Russian Language and Culture. They shared their thoughts, knowledge, expectations, and experiences of taking the course online because of COVID-19.


  • 100 Free Courses from Coursera: Seize the Opportunity

    Coursera has opened access to 100 courses developed by the leading companies and universities. We’ve made a compilation of free courses in computer science, cloud technology, business, and other fascinating fields of study.