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  • Over 30 Courses Launch on ITMO/Online

    The ITMO/Online educational platform launched in summer 2022 with a selection of nine courses in science art, bioethics, emotional intelligence and other fields. In 2023, the platform widened its scope, now offering over 30 paid and free courses in a wide array of fields, including IT, educational technologies, and business technologies. Learn more about the courses in this article. 


  • ITMO.Online: ITMO Launches its Own Learning Platform

    ITMO.Online is a digital educational platform offering unconventional and interdisciplinary courses in Russian for everyone interested in lifelong learning. The platform currently has nine courses (e.g. Art & Science, bioethics, and emotional intelligence), with ten more programs in data analysis, marketing, food technology, and modern educational technologies expected to appear by the end of the year.  Learn more about the service in our article.


  • ITMO’s New Professional Development Programs: Data Analysis, BIM, and Web Design

    ITMO University has recently launched three new professional development programs on the Open Education online platform: Data Analysis, Project Development with BIM, and Professional Web Design in HTML and CSS (all courses are taught in Russian). Upon completing each of the courses, students will get a state-standard CPD (continuous professional development) certificate. Read on to learn about the structure of the courses and the skills their students will acquire. 


  • Best Educational Platforms for Beginners, Intermediates, and Pros

    With the sudden boom in online learning, school is no longer the only source of knowledge. You can learn anywhere, anytime, and just about anything – and educational platforms and apps are your best helpers here (surprise, it’s not Coursera alone).


  • ITMO University Participates in Personal Digital Certificate Program

    The courses by ITMO University helped over 350 students of various majors acquire new knowledge and skills in big data, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.


  • “Life in Science” Online Soft Skills Course Helps You Succeed in Science

    Almost a thousand Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students from ITMO University have participated in the online soft skills course “Life in Science: A Guide for Young Researchers”. Learn more about the course from its authors in this ITMO.NEWS article.