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  • Student Science Open Day: Your Guide to ITMO Master’s Programs and Opportunities

    ITMO University has recently hosted Student Science Open Day to let first-year Master’s students get acquainted with all the opportunities the university provides. ITMO.NEWS sums up all the main points of the event in this guide that will help you develop in science, entrepreneurship, and teaching.


  • Keep Off the Grass! What Are Desire Paths and What We Can Learn From Them?

    Why are desire paths a problem? What happens inside a pedestrian’s mind: why do they break the rules and why can’t paths just be designed “conveniently”? A lecture on urban development was held as part of the online Institute of Design & Urban Studies (IDUS) open days. Steve Kuddins, a staff member of IDUS, explained the origins of desire paths and what we can do to prevent them. Read on to learn the main takeaways of the lecture. 


  • Open Day at The Faculty of Physics and Engineering

    ITMO students and young scientists took part in the Open Day at The Faculty of Physics and Engineering and shared their experience of studying at the Faculty with applicants.


  • Navigating the ITMO Application Process

    How does one go about choosing their future profession? How can you find out information about all the different departments and faculties, where you will live, what will you do besides studying, what you will do with your career when you graduate? Last Sunday at ITMO University, there was a special Open Day for prospective students. This article is all about helping you, figure out how, our international students, apply to ITMO University from afar. 


  • Open Day at the School of Photonics: Education at the Speed of Light

    Another Open Day — now for the Schools of Photonics — has been held at ITMO University. The highschoolers and their parents learned why specialists in photonics and optics will always be in demand, and why this field of science will be the one defining the technological development of the world in the nearest future.


  • ITMO Organized an Open Day for Future Students

    A series of events for new studetns has started at ITMO University! It is a wonderful opportunity for future students to learn about the top majors of the University and meet with researchers and professors of its' schools and faculties. Last Saturday the Refrigeration Industry and Food Biotechnologies School and the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations presented their programs.