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  • ITMO Open Education Conference: Alternative Formats, Fundamental Skills, and Rap Battles

    On May 20, ITMO once again challenged stereotypes about education one more time, when it welcomed edtech experts, entrepreneurs, and lecturers at the Open Education conference to discuss the future of universities. Participants of this full-blown educational rave could visit workshops and lectures, cheer on rap battles, and even record a podcast. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • ITMO’s New Professional Development Programs: Data Analysis, BIM, and Web Design

    ITMO University has recently launched three new professional development programs on the Open Education online platform: Data Analysis, Project Development with BIM, and Professional Web Design in HTML and CSS (all courses are taught in Russian). Upon completing each of the courses, students will get a state-standard CPD (continuous professional development) certificate. Read on to learn about the structure of the courses and the skills their students will acquire. 


  • ITMO.OPEN: New Practices for Higher Education in Russia

    ITMO.OPEN: Educational Practices is a two-day offline event for employees of Russian universities who are looking for tools, ideas, and inspiration for the transformation of education. The participants will discuss trends in education and learn more about ITMO University’s approaches to the design of educational programs and standards.


  • New Way to Digitize: ITMO Students and Staff Invited to Take Part in University’s Digital Transformation

    ITMO University is undergoing a digital transformation, and every member of the ITMO.FAMILY can become part of it. If you have an idea on how to improve the university’s digital services or create new platforms and services, submit your project proposal by March 10 through ISU. Such projects will not only help make the university better for all staff and students, but also establish developer teams, provide them with funding, and expand their portfolios. Andrey Lyamin, the head of ITMO University’s Open Education Department, elaborates on the goals of the digital transformation initiative, how to take part in the project contest, and which kinds of projects are more likely to win.


  • MOOCs for Everyone: How to Create an Effective and Useful Online Course

    Online education is a widespread trend that is only gaining in popularity. There are more and more courses by the world’s best universities appearing on various platforms. An original online course has become not so much an element of prestige than a vital necessity for confirming one’s status as a successful educator. Asel Romanova, a lecturer at ITMO University’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems and the author of several programming MOOCs, shared her experience and practical advice on how to create effective and interesting online courses. Her presentation took place as part of the ITMO.Expert project.


  • Machine Learning for Enhancing Online Courses’ Efficiency

    ITMO University Bachelor’s student Sviatoslav Oreshin became the winner of the competition for the Best Student Presentation, which was held as part of the international conference Smart Education & E-Learning (SEEL) 2019. Held in Malta for the sixth time, the conference brought together a large number of researchers in the field of smart education technologies. In his project, Sviatoslav Oreshin explores machine learning applications for enhancing students’ motivation for participation in online courses. 


  • ITMO University Lecturers on Benefits of Using Online Courses in Teaching

    Today’s educators are becoming more and more active in integrating online learning in the traditional educational process. Many of ITMO University’s lecturers are also authors of online courses on the Open Education learning platform and use them in their everyday teaching as a replacement to some in-class lectures or an expansion of the offline learning content. ITMO.NEWS met the innovators to talk about why online courses shouldn’t be seen as a threat to conventional education, how this learning format could change the teacher-student interaction, and what makes it so convenient.


  • How Do Russian MOOC Platforms Compete With World Top MOOC Providers? Courseburg Investigates

    Can Russian online learning platforms compete with their popular international counterparts? How many users leave online learning platforms annually? And why is there such a low level of participation in digital education amongst Russians? Analysts of the Courseburg Russian online learning platform explored these questions in their latest study, which breaks down data gained from five biggest online learning platforms. 


  • ITMO.Online: How to Profit from Finishing an Online Course

    ITMO University started the ITMO.Online contest, which means that every ITMO student can apply for financial support for mastering mass online courses.


  • How Online Courses Can Benefit Both Students and Universities

    Online courses are becoming more and more popular these days, both among students and universities, as they allow universities to broaden their reach, gain international recognition, and make the educational process more personal. That’s why the quality of such courses is so important. Andrey Lyamin, head of the Open Education Department, took part in the international Workshop on Curriculum/Module design, structure and quality assurance and spoke about ITMO University MOOCs (Massive open online courses).