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  • Behavioral Economics: Why Humans Aren’t Made to Be Rational

    ITMO University’s Open Fintech is a course about how we make purchases, manage finances, and invest money. Last week’s lecture of the course focused on the topic of behavioral economics. Maxim Korotkov, a graduate of ITMO’s Computer Technologies Department, an MBA of the Vlerick Leuven Ghent School of Management, and a practice manager in corporate payments at FIS Global, explained why the laws of logic don’t apply to insurance policies, and why intuition always loses to the most primitive modeling. 


  • Pop Goes the Bubble: A Quick Guide to Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and ICOs

    The price of Bitcoin has just hit its 2019 high. Experts claim that the digital currency may experience a sudden price bump this summer, but is not likely to hit its earlier record values. So what happened in February of 2017? How did Bitcoin get so popular? And what is blockchain all about? Anna Lopatukhina, a product manager at Wrike and a graduate of ITMO University’s Computer Technologies Department, answered these and other questions during a lecture for ITMO’s Open FinTech course.


  • Plastic Cards from Magnetic Stripes to Apple Pay: How Payment Industry Changed Over 70 Years

    Do you know how your bank card operates? How is security of transactions ensured? And why a wrong amount of money can be deducted from your card when paying for goods abroad? These questions were answered by Dmitry Kochelaev, an ITMO graduate and the head of development at Solanteq, a company specializing in innovative payment solutions, in his open lecture for the Open Fintech series at ITMO University. Here are the keynotes.


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