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  • Student Spotlight: Talha Imtiaz, Pakistan

    A man of many talents, Talha Imtiaz joined ITMO as an international student in 2020. After two long years of hard work and perseverance, he is now about to graduate with a Master’s degree. In our conversation, he talks about his current research and future plans. Read on to learn more about the experiences of this soon-to-be ITMO graduate.


  • Student Spotlight: Muhammad Shahan Anwar, Pakistan

    The pandemic made life difficult for many international students but through relentless hard work and perseverance, they were able to overcome it. We got the opportunity to talk to Muhammad Shahan Anwar from Pakistan who shared his experience of studying and doing research at ITMO remotely. Read on to learn more about the challenges he faced and how he made the best out of his time in St. Petersburg.


  • Shahzad Ahmed: ITMO Blogs Help You Adjust to St. Petersburg Quickly

    Shahzad Ahmed came from Pakistan in 2018 to study for a Master's degree in Information Security. He is currently studying his last semester and is waiting for the graduation ceremony. He is also passionate about sharing his experiences which led him to be a writer for ITMO Blogs.