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  • ITMO Student Artur Shaikhatarov on Helping People with Special Needs

    Artur Shaikhatarov started to work on a mobile app for the deaf-blind back when he was a school student in Ufa, in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan. Now, he studies at ITMO University, and his invention has brought the attention of the Russian MChS and the International Paralympic Committee. ITMO.NEWS met with Artur to learn more about why he decided to work on this project, how he plans to provide the deaf-blind with useful equipment, and whether he expects to see his app at the Paralympic Games.


  • Music for Everyone: ITMO Students Create Guitar for People with Disabilities

    The special guitar provides an experience almost identical to holding the usual instrument. Its users can choose one of the multiple modes, including standard, one-handed, and single-finger. This guitar will also be a perfect choice for all aspiring musicians wishing to learn how to play quickly.


  • ITMO Student Daniil Kazantsev on His Sign Language Translation Technology

    Back in the ninth grade, Daniil Kazantsev started working on a new device – a sign language translator that would help deaf people communicate in sign language even with those who do not know it.


  • ‘I Want to Create Something that Really Matters’: ITMO University’s First-Year Student On Developing Socially Significant Apps

    Artur Shaikhatarov is ITMO University first-year student who has already come up with two mobile apps aimed at helping people with special needs communicate. Having won a host of scientific conferences and contests in his home Bashkortostan, Artur continues to develop his innovative projects in Moscow. But he chose St. Petersburg as his study destination. ITMO.NEWS met the programming whizzkid to discover what was the motivation behind his projects, what was his school experience like, and why he decided to pursue his education in St. Petersburg.