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  • IT and Chemistry for New Medicine: ITMO Hosts Digital Pharmacology Hackathon

    Recently, ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, the AI platform Sintelli, and the Moscow Center for Intelligent Healthcare organized a hackathon focused on predictive modeling in digital pharmacology. The participants brainstormed machine learning models that can accelerate the production of novel medicines, reduce their side effects, and, importantly, limit animal testing. Over 100 students from 47 Russian regions joined the contest, with the winners sharing the 1-million-ruble prize and securing their places in the online Master’s program Chemistry Software.


  • University of Pretoria Scientists on Applications of Metabolic Analysis

    How do scientists work with living cells? And how can advanced software be of help in this line of research? On March 14 at the seminar “The Fundamentals of NMR and GC-MS metabolic synthesis with the use of the SIMCA program”, professor Jacobus Johannes Marion Meyer from the University of Pretoria and his graduate assistant Sewes Alberts expanded on these issues. The event was organized by ITMO’s Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium International Research Center.