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  • ITMO Holds First Stage of Its Physics Contest for School Students

    The  first online round of ITMO’s physics contest for school students will take place on April 14-21. There, students in grade 8-11 will get to solve problems that were inspired by contemporary research practices. Winners of the first stage will not only receive prizes, but will also get the chance to visit ITMO’s research laboratories and talk to the university’s leading scientists.


  • ITMO Scientists Propose Improved Solar Cells for Use in Smart Glass

    With the use of a new method for improving solar cells, researchers have been able to boost the functionality and performance of small-molecule-based organic solar cells. The cells can be made transparent and even more stable through the use of carbon nanostructures and a special ionic liquid. Find out more below.


  • ITMO Scientists Propose Improved Method For Laser-Plasma Processing of Glass

    The new method makes it possible to create thin elements on glass surfaces that are essential in the production of micro-optical components and phase elements for laser systems. An article on the subject was published in the Journal of Materials Processing Technology.


  • ITMO Physicists Discover New Physical Effect

    The scientists called it the anomalous exciton Hall effect. It occurs when a laser affects a semiconductor plate in the presence of a magnetic field. This phenomenon can be potentially used for studying exciton quasiparticles. The research is published in Physical Review Letters.


  • New Project Defense Format: Study Physics and Improve Soft Skills

    In late December, the students of ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering were first to try the new format of project defense aimed not only to expand their knowledge of the subject but also to train their presentation and teamwork skills.


  • Picture of the Week: AgInS Quantum Dots in CaCO3 Calcite Phase

    These structures can become an alternative to semiconductor cadmium nanocrystals, which will allow using them as a transport system for drug delivery. They make it possible for substances to reach their target locations without affecting the cells, organs, and tissues that they shouldn’t.


  • Scientists from ITMO Discover a New Way to Create Reconfigurable Topological States of Light

    A team of researchers from ITMO University and Australian National University came up with a new concept of photonic topological structures. Localized states of light in such structures appear not due to the intentionally designed lattice geometry but rather because of spatial variation of particles' properties.


  • What ITMO’s Latest Lab Equipment Expansion Means for Student Research

    ITMO University has recently acquired a major batch of new lab equipment: from simple lab kits to professional machinery. Read on to learn what opportunities this offers for ITMO students.


  • Picture of the Week: Luminescent Image of Carbon Dot Layer

    For over 15 years, scientists have been exploring the nature of carbon dot emission, and this image illustrates the relationship between the emission intensity and the concentration of particles in the dry layer.


  • GIF of the Week: Spores of Lycopodium Clavatum in Electrodynamic Trap

    The video features an experiment in the localization of biological objects, namely, spores of Lycopodium Clavatum (with an average size of 30 microns), in a quadrupole electrodynamic trap.