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  • Workshop by Digital Design Company: How To Win Over Investors and Present Your Idea

    ITMO’s Career Services Center hosted an online meeting on how to present a project to investors and superiors. Two representatives of the company Digital Design, Vladimir Stekolschikov and Anastasia Krylova, shared their insights on the matter. They both work at a special department, the Design Bureau, which handles the development and promotion of new solutions inside the company. Read on to learn all about how best to present your idea, what to highlight in your presentation, and how to develop your hypothesis. 


  • Startups from an Ice-Hole:

    Oulu, a small town in the north of Finland, recently hosted the Polar Bear Pitching contest for innovative startups. The contest's main feature is its original format: all the developers present their projects while standing waist-deep in an ice-hole. This was the fourth time that the contest was held in Oulu; it has already attracted the attention of foreign startupers, so the project's geography constantly grows. This year, participants from ITMO University participated in the contest, as well.