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  • ITMO Portfolio Contest: Winners’ Tips for Success

    Last year, 162 students joined ITMO’s Master’s programs via a portfolio contest. ITMO.NEWS talked to some of them about their experience, the application process and whatever advice they can offer to this year’s participants.


  • ITMO University’s Master’s Degree Programs in 2019: Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

    The main goal of Master’s education today is to provide students with a variety of choices to create their own development path and apply their skills in different fields. As of today, ITMO University offers four types of Master’s degree programs: research, corporate, industrial, and entrepreneurial. Sergey Kolyubin, head of the University’s Master’s Degree Department, explains how to choose the right track, apply for research grants as an ITMO student, and which opportunities for enrollment are available to prospective students.