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  • Beginner’s Guide to Submitting Your Research to Scopus and Web of Science Journals

    Scopus and Web of Science are the two largest databases that collect data from top scientific journals. Today, publications in journals indexed by these two systems and the number of references to these works in other authors’ papers are key indicators of a scientist’s activity and reputation. But researchers who are submitting their work to such journals for the first time have to deal with a number of challenges, such as finding the right outlet, properly formatting their article, and so on. ITMO.NEWS asked Valentin Milichko, the winner of Scopus Award Russia 2018 and researcher at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, and George Zograf, a PhD student at the same Faculty, to compile a guide to submitting your article to Scopus- and WoS-indexed journals.


  • How to Get a Grip on Working or Studying from Home: Tips and Tricks

    The pandemic has forced millions of people to transition to studying and working from home – and for some, this transition hasn’t gone smoothly. If this is your case, heed this advice from Marina Kotlyarova, a psychologist and member of the International Coaches Union, International Coach & Trainer Association, and the Association for Career Consulting and Support.