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  • Big Grants and Where To Find Them

    With the start of the new academic year, many students and young researchers from ITMO University start thinking about participating in grant programs and applying for financing for their research. ITMO.NEWS talked to Igor Kuprienko, the head of ITMO’s Project Development Division, and asked him to speak about such topics as looking for grant contests, filing applications and how the Project Development Division can help with finding research partners.


  • DigiRockStars Venture Fund Rep Steven Balliano: Don’t Go The Traditional Way

    It often happens that an idea you’ve been developing for a long time just can’t start off as a successful, profitable business. In a workshop held as part of the Startup Connect program, Steven Balliano, a specialist from the Finnish venture fund DigiRockStars, revealed the secrets of how to test your startup idea before the big launch and avoid the common mistakes the majority of startup founders make. 


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