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  • ITMO Researchers Use Hybrid Crystal to Enable Simultaneous Grayscale and Color Direct Laser Writing

    With the new material suggested by ITMO physicists, it will be possible to embed grayscale images into color ones during direct laser writing. The researchers were the first to use metal-organic frameworks for the purpose; these are optically transparent materials that can transform laser radiation. When subjected to it, the material’s structure changes, with color defects formed inside. Each such defect has a unique scattering spectrum, making metal-organic frameworks useful in producing uncloneable anti-counterfeit trademarks. The material is described in a paper published in Advanced Functional Materials.


  • ITMO Experts Confirm: Electrical Cardioversion Safe to Conduct at Smaller Clinics

    Researchers from ITMO University have demonstrated that electrical cardioversion, a procedure that helps “reset” an abnormal heart rhythm, can be safely and effectively conducted at community hospitals to treat atrial fibrillation. A paper describing the results of the study was published in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders.


  • Longer-Lived Quantum States Suggested at ITMO

    Physicists from ITMO University have created an AI-based solution to make quantum states remain stable for longer for the processing, reliable recording, and storage of information. This study, described in a recent article in Applied Physics Letters, may help pave the way to quantum computers.


  • ITMO Scientists Suggest Platform to Study Cell Communication and Assist Targeted Drug Delivery

    Researchers from ITMO University have developed a platform that will help study extracellular cell communication. Unlike its counterparts, the new platform can identify the precise location of cells without interrupting their function – this way, it’s possible to observe cells in their natural state. This solution will facilitate rehabilitation of cell communication after injuries and help create materials for targeted drug delivery. The new platform is described in an article published in Materials & Design.


  • ITMO Researchers Discover Connection Between Gut Microbiome and Melanoma Treatment

    Having analyzed metagenome data from hundreds of microbiome samples, scientists from ITMO University have found out how the composition of the gut microbiome affects the efficacy of melanoma treatment. In the future, the discovered link can be used to develop treatment plans for cancer patients, as well as improve the efficacy of melanoma treatment. The results of the research are described in a paper published in Life Science Alliance.


  • ITMO Solution Prevents Counterfeiting of Glass Products

    Researchers from ITMO University have suggested a method of creating colored patterns with an affordable, domestically-produced laser. Compared to others, the new method makes it possible to create smaller separate patterns within a single bigger one, which are harder to forge. The technology, described in an article published in Optics and Laser Technology, will help prevent production of counterfeit glass products, such as medical vials and test tubes.  


  • ITMO Scientists Unveil Algorithm to Predict Properties of Organic Solvents

    The staff of ITMO’s Center for AI in Chemistry have designed a free service that predicts properties of organic solvents. These substances find their applications in pharmaceutical, oil, and cosmetics industries. The research behind the algorithm is described in a paper published in Green Chemistry.


  • Supersensitive Express COVID-19 Test Developed at ITMO

    Scientists at ITMO have created an express test with a high sensitivity nanomachine that can detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is suited for point-of-care or at-home use. The new nanomachine is equipped with 4 arms and special hooks that help unfold nucleic acid sequences and detect the virus more accurately. Currently, the nanomachine can detect DNA analagous to viral 80 times and viral RNA 13 times more accurately than a hookless system and in just one hour instead of three. The invention was described in an article published in Analytical Chemistry.


  • ITMO Researchers Predict Carbon Particle Properties for Cancer Diagnostics

    A group of researchers at ITMO has developed a new machine learning-based approach to producing carbon nanoparticles for biomedicine. Thanks to the algorithm, scientists will be able to select the necessary parameters for synthesis of carbon particles with target properties. In the future, the particles can be used for biovisualization of tumors and their treatment with phototherapy. The new approach is described in a paper published in Small.


  • ITMO Chemists' New Technology Detects Antibiotics in Milk

    With electrochemical analysis (a high sensitivity method for detecting target substances in solutions) and machine learning at its core, the new technology developed at ITMO can automatically detect the exact quantity of antibiotics in milk. Apart from protecting consumers from harmful substances, the new solution can be used to analyze other environments, such as oil (for revealing unwanted contaminants), coffee (for determining its quality), and wine (for verifying its authenticity). The technology with its underlying research was described in an article in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.