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  • Scientists From ITMO and the US Assemble New Reference Genomes of Two Malaria Mosquito Species

    This project will help researchers better understand the genetics of insects spreading this dangerous disease. For instance, biologists got the opportunity to search for regions of mosquito genomes responsible for connection with the pathogen and for their feeding behavior. The authors of the project believe that in the future they will provide their colleagues with new tools to prevent the spread of malaria. The results of the project were published in GigaScience. 


  • Researchers Create New Anti-Counterfeit Labels

    The labels can be used to mark various electronics, medicine, and jewelry. Their authenticity can only be checked with special equipment, thus providing additional protection against fake merchandise. The research is published in Advanced Materials.


  • Scientists Predict Two-Photon Analog to Quantum Hall Effect

    The discovery of the quantum Hall effect once got its authors a Nobel prize. Previously, it has only been observed in very complex semiconductor structures with an external magnetic field. ITMO scientists and their colleagues predicted a photonic analog to the quantum Hall effect in a much simpler system – a chain of particles in a waveguide, which opens up new opportunities for creating quantum memory and quantum simulators.


  • ITMO Researchers Develop Biocompatible Support Device for Artificial Organs

    Scientists from ITMO University have used liquid metal and agarose hydrogel to design miniature resistors, capacitors, diodes, and memristors that can be embedded in artificial organs to allow the nervous system to control these implants.


  • ITMO Scientists Propose Improved Method For Laser-Plasma Processing of Glass

    The new method makes it possible to create thin elements on glass surfaces that are essential in the production of micro-optical components and phase elements for laser systems. An article on the subject was published in the Journal of Materials Processing Technology.


  • ITMO’s Researcher Marina Dukhinova on Viral Pneumonia and Ways to Treat It

    Recently, ITMO University scientists have published an article in Cytokine & Growth Factor Reviews that reviewed global studies of viral pneumonia over the past years. ITMO.NEWS talked to Marina Dukhinova, one of the authors of the article, about this illness, its causes, and ways to study it. 


  • A Necklace of Resonators: How Scientists Efficiently Control Light in Nanoscale

    ITMO University researchers and their collaborators presented a new principle of creating laser resonators. It will allow them to create light generating elements right on silicone chips. In this ITMO.NEWS article, you will learn how it can be used and how it can improve data transfer rate.


  • In Search of Phantom: Regular Graphite and PVC to Help Diagnose Oncological Diseases

    ITMO University scientists from the Terahertz Medicine laboratory proposed a concept of a new phantom for calibrating medical terahertz spectrometers. The concept helps the devices to identify the boundaries of a tumor with better precision so that it would be easier to remove it surgically.


  • Scientists Demonstrate New Opportunities for Controlling Light in Optical Graphene

    This will help scientists and engineers to better understand the properties of light propagating in materials with a hexagonal structure, and use this knowledge in fundamental research and the development of optical devices. Physicists from ITMO took part in this research.  The article was published in Nature Photonics. 


  • ITMO Researchers Find Quick and Easy Way to Detect Tick-Borne Encephalitis

    Scientists from ITMO University have created a testing device to detect tick-borne encephalitis that can be used to identify the virus at home. The results of this work have been published in ACS Applied Bio Materials.