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  • More Than a University: ITMO is a Research and Educational Corporation

    Known as a science trailblazer and a leader in education in Russia, ITMO University has been making its name in other fields, too, by experimenting with new educational formats, establishing collaborative labs and centers with the country’s top companies, and stimulating its staff to found startups that go on to be accepted into renowned accelerators. Rapid growth and new challenges encourage the university to embark on a new development path – namely, to transform into a research and educational corporation. ITMO’s rebranding plans were unveiled during ITMO.conf, which was held today, on August 30, in Sevkabel Port.


  • ITMO Introduces New Logo and Style

    The new design is a result of ITMO University’s growth over the past few years. It reflects goals set as part of the new Open-Source University program. Find out more about the changes and underlying reasons in this article.