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  • St. Petersburg Scientists Create Transparent Self-Cleaning Bactericidal Displays

    A research group from St. Petersburg including ITMO University specialists demonstrated a new transparent material that can be applied to screens of portable electronic devices. This self-cleaning material can destroy all the disease-causing bacteria on its surface and can, therefore, also be used in medicine. The discovery and its methodology were published in Materials Today Communications. 


  • ITMO University Physicists Discover Proof of Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek’s Time Crystal Hypothesis

    Two ITMO University physicists – PhD student Valerii Kozin and ITMO Fellow Oleksandr Kyriienko – have described genuine time crystals in an article in Physical Review Letters. These structures’ existence was first suggested by Frank Wilczek, laureate of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics, but other studies have asserted the impossibility of creating environments in which these crystals would exist. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Valerii Kozin to find out what time crystals really are, how the two scientists were able to prove the existence of a system in which they would exist, and what Einstein has got to do with it.


  • ITMO Researchers’ Project Named Top Innovative Product by St. Petersburg Committee for Science and Higher Education

    A project by ITMO University’s SCAMT Industrial Lab has been named the winner of the 2019 St. Petersburg Competition of Best Innovative Projects in Science and Higher Education. The awards ceremony took place as part of the 12th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. The winning project, First Aid, is an innovative treatment for post-surgery scarring, stretch marks, cuts, and burns for patients of all ages. The project is being developed by the Master’s and PhD students of ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster. Olga Sokolovskaya, the head of the project, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about this invention, results of the team’s research, and their future plans.


  • Government of St. Petersburg Scholarship: ITMO Students’ Experiences

    The St. Petersburg Committee for Science and Higher Education has summed up the results of the contest for the granting of subsidies to the students of universities and specialized educational organizations. Some 310 scholarships amounting to 2,000 rubles per month are awarded annually, covering the whole duration of the academic year. Read on to find all about the conditions for participation in the contest, its main provisions, and ITMO students’ experiences and tips.


  • John Ioannidis’s ITMO Lecture: What’s Wrong With Medical Research and How We Can Make It Right

    One of the most renowned scientists of our generation, John Ioannidis, came to St. Petersburg to deliver an open lecture at ITMO University. The hour-long talk focused on the shortcomings of contemporary medical research and how clinical testing can be made trustworthy again by putting the “evidence” back into “evidence-based medicine”. ITMO.NEWS provides the highlights of the lecture. 


  • Learning From Nature: Scientists Suggest Sea Sponges for Water Purification and Vehicle Emission Reduction

    An international scientific team that includes an ITMO-affiliated researcher has analyzed the skeletons of sea sponges and proposed their use as basis for new hybrid materials. These porous structures would have a potential application as catalysts for next-gen filters. The study has been published in Science Advances.


  • Lithium-Ion Batteries, Space and How Oxygen Affects Cells: 118th Nobel Week Results

    The 118th Nobel Week, which recently drew to a close in Stockholm, was marked by awards to outstanding scientists, inventors and those who work in the fields of art and politics. As per the tradition, the candidates were chosen by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Academy, the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Read on to learn about the laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. 


  • ITMO’s PhD Student Awarded a Grant for Researching Natural Protein-Based Preservatives

    Georgiy Ryabinin, member of ITMO University’s International Research Center “Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium” and PhD student at the Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering, has won a competition on the best project in the field of basic scientific research organized by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). ITMO.NEWS spoke with Georgiy and his scientific advisor, associate professor and head of the Center Denis Baranenko to find out what makes the search for new antimicrobial agents so topical, how chemical preservatives harm the environment, and what tasks their research currently faces.


  • Scientists Develop World’s First Photonic Quadrupolar Topological Insulator

    An international team of scientists from Russia and the USA that includes researchers from ITMO University presented the world’s first photonic quadrupolar topological insulator. As opposed to the existing two-dimensional topological insulators, these new structures have only recently started to be researched. In the future, this research can open the way to the creation of new reliable traditional and quantum-optical devices with a higher-order topological defense, as well as topologically protected sources of classical and quantum light. The research was conducted with support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and published in Nature Photonics. 


  • Light Can Cool: ITMO Scientists Propose Concept of Optical Nano-Refrigerator

    A group of scientists from ITMO University, including one Master’s and one PhD student, has proposed a new method for quick cooling-down of surfaces using perovskite and light nanoparticles. In the future, this principle can be used to cool nano-lasers in optical chips, increase the life of solar panels, and create smart glass. The article was published in the journal Nanoscale.


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