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  • New Project Defense Format: Study Physics and Improve Soft Skills

    In late December, the students of ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering were first to try the new format of project defense aimed not only to expand their knowledge of the subject but also to train their presentation and teamwork skills.


  • ITMO University Scientists Propose Methods of Detecting DoS Attacks on IoT Networks

    The new techniques will help detect hidden attacks that can paralyze automated production, fire safety, or medical monitoring systems. A paper describing the researchers’ findings has been published in the International Journal of Computers and Applications.


  • ITMO University in 2020: A Year in Review

    This year was a year like no other. We started it ready to celebrate ITMO’s 120th anniversary, but before we knew it, our entire digital infrastructure was put to the test. Though it was not an experience anyone could be prepared for, our staff and students handled it like champs. Truly, it was a jubilee year to remember. So, let’s look back at some of 2020’s top news and what we’ve achieved here at ITMO University!


  • ITMO’s Researcher Marina Dukhinova on Viral Pneumonia and Ways to Treat It

    Recently, ITMO University scientists have published an article in Cytokine & Growth Factor Reviews that reviewed global studies of viral pneumonia over the past years. ITMO.NEWS talked to Marina Dukhinova, one of the authors of the article, about this illness, its causes, and ways to study it. 


  • A Necklace of Resonators: How Scientists Efficiently Control Light in Nanoscale

    ITMO University researchers and their collaborators presented a new principle of creating laser resonators. It will allow them to create light generating elements right on silicone chips. In this ITMO.NEWS article, you will learn how it can be used and how it can improve data transfer rate.


  • Researcher Daria Martynova on the Connection Between Art and Medicine

    Daria Martynova is not only a PhD student at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts but also a manager at ITMO University’s Center of Social and Humanities Knowledge, as well as an assistant at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations.


  • ITMO University Researchers Shed New Light on Plasmonic Nanolasers

    For six years, a research team from the Photophysics of Surface Laboratory at ITMO’s International Research and Educational Center for Physics of Nanostructures has been studying plasmonic nanolasers – a long-standing subject of debate in the scientific community. The study was conducted as part of a Russian Presidential Grant.


  • Picture of the Week: Spinneret of Linothele Fallax Spider

    Various species of spiders use silk from their spinnerets to produce threads for their webs. In science, these threads can serve as a multifunctional natural material for drug delivery and other medical applications.


  • In Search of Phantom: Regular Graphite and PVC to Help Diagnose Oncological Diseases

    ITMO University scientists from the Terahertz Medicine laboratory proposed a concept of a new phantom for calibrating medical terahertz spectrometers. The concept helps the devices to identify the boundaries of a tumor with better precision so that it would be easier to remove it surgically.


  • Scientists Develop Transparent High-Performance Material for Flexible Displays and Solar Panels

    The creation of such materials became possible thanks to the joint efforts of researchers from St. Petersburg Academic University, ITMO University, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and Aalto University. Learn more about its advantages and ITMO’s contribution to the research in this article.