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  • ITMO and St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts Innovate Cultural Heritage Preservation

    Working in cooperation with the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, ITMO University initiated an interdisciplinary project on applying image holography technologies to the field of culture and arts. Driving the cooperation is both universities’ ambition to develop novel approaches to preservation of information on cultural heritage objects using full-color analog pictorial holograms as an aesthetical storage medium.


  • How Russian and French Researchers are Helping to Restore Classic Art

    Terahertz radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation located within the frequency spectrum between infrared and radio. It passes well through a variety of materials and is harmless to humans, which opens up a wide range of its possible applications. Researchers at ITMO University are actively working on this subject in collaboration with their French colleagues. Together, the scientists are developing a pulsed terahertz spectrometer for application in the analysis and restoration of artworks. Read more about the project and how terahertz technology lets scientists explore art in the article below.


  • Assassin’s Creed Won’t Help: An Expert’s Opinion on Restoration of Notre Dame

    On April 15, a massive fire engulfed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. While the fire destroyed its roof and iconic spire, firefighters were able to save the famed bell towers. The French government has already established four reconstruction funds (over €1 billion has been raised to date), while French President Emmanuel Macron promised that the landmark will be fully restored in five years with the help of the world’s best architects. Can 3D modeling benefit the reconstruction process? Could video games come in handy too? In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Artem Smolin, the head of ITMO’s Educational Center of Graphic Technologies and the Center for Usability and Mixed Reality, shares his opinion on the use of modern technologies in the cathedral’s reconstruction.


  • Hermitage’s Head Clocksmith on his Work, Laboratory and the Importance of Restoring Technological Marvels

    Antique timepieces and clockworks are definitely great monuments to human mind and fantasy, especially those like the ones you can see at the State Hermitage Museum. Grand and miniature, shaped into the dome of heaven or a small bird, with six clock hands or a mechanical orchestra inside — each of them is unique and reflects the history of both the technological progress and the human strive for beauty. Mikhail Guriev, Hermitage's leading clocksmith and head of the Laboratory for Scientific Restoration of Timepieces and Musical Mechanisms shared on different clock's wondrous features, on their clock collection's history and on who might be interested in tours on clockworks.