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  • ITMO Team Takes Gold at RobotChallenge 2023 in China

    The team of ITMO’s Youth Robotics Lab reigned supreme at the international RobotChallenge 2023 that was recently held in China. Robert Robotecky, the celebrated robot musician, startled the jury with his performance of several musical pieces on the concertina – while balancing on a gyro scooter.


  • ITMO Team Wins at RobotChallenge-2018 in Beijing

    The team, which includes school students Vasiliy Dunaev, Daniil Pavlov and Daniil Martynov, and coaches Igor Lositsky and Evgeny Zavarin, won first place in the Freestyle category. Their winning project Clean Arctic is focused on an extensive clean-up effort of the Arctic coast. Teams from 30 countries and 1,500 robots competed with each other in this year’s RobotChallenge in Beijing.