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  • ITMO University Team Takes Third Place in RuCTF 2019

    At the end of April, the Russian city of Ekaterinburg hosted RuCTF, the biggest competition in the field of cybersecurity in Russia. The event brought together 28 teams from Russia, Germany, Switzerland and other countries, including a total of three teams from ITMO University, one of which took third place.


  • Ensuring Cybersecurity: Hacking to Stop Hackers

    At the end of April, Ekaterinburg hosted an annual Russian Cybersecurity Competition known as Russian Capture the Flag (RuCTF). ITMO University’s student team LC↯BC took the fourth place in the overall ranking and the second place among Russian teams. RuCTF is a team competition in cybersecurity when participants have to protect their own servers and hack the opponents’ servers. A team from Ural Federal University has been hosting this competition for more than ten years. ITMO.NEWS talked to Vlad Roskov and Alexander Menschikov, the coordinators of SPbCTF project which holds weekly seminars in competitive hacking at ITMO University, and asked them some questions about CTF.


  • Artur Khanov: I Can’t Even Imagine A Profession That Gives You This Much Freedom

    On Tuesday, November 7, the registration period for the National student competition “I’m a Professional” begins.This is the first event of such kind in Russia that’s been organized jointly by representatives of business, industry, and universities. The competition is conducted in 27 categories, three of which - computer and information sciences, informational cybersecurity and photonics - are supervised by ITMO University. The winners have the opportunity to enroll in Master’s and PhD programs of Russian universities on a tuition-free basis. We’ve decided to ask some of the recurring winners of professional competitions about creating one’s unique educational path and the opportunities that are not to be missed during one’s university years. Today, we publish Artur Khanov’s story - he is one of the first participants of the CTF movement in Russia, a CEO and Skolkovo resident since his PhD years who’s now successfully combining teaching and working on his personal projects.