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  • Picture of the Week: Nanoparticles Based on Hyaluronic Acid

    Such particles can potentially be used for targeted drug delivery.


  • Picture of the Week: Hematite Crystals in Glass

    Once you put particles of hematite in glass, it becomes attracted to magnets, remaining transparent at the same time.


  • ITMO University Specialists Find Out How Much St. Petersburg Citizens Trust Online Shops, Communication on Social Media, and Online Banking

    Specialists from the eGovernment Center of ITMO University’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies have conducted a research on the degree to which St. Petersburg residents trust modern technologies, both generally and in specific spheres of life. In particular, the sociologists tried to determine how much the citizens trust online shopping, communicating with government agencies on the internet, and data security on social networks. The work is conducted within the framework of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research project No. 18-311-20001 “The study of cyber-social trust in the context of the use and renouncement of information technologies”. ITMO.NEWS contacted the project’s head Lyudmila Vidyasova to find out what conclusions the researchers came to. 


  • Bioinformatics Specialist Alexey Komissarov on Gaps in Genomic Studies and Plans to Close Them

    It was not so long ago that bioinformatics specialist Alexey Komissarov joined the team of ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory, where he conducts the assembling and annotation of complex genomes of animals and humans. At the end of 2019, the Applied Genomics research group, which he heads, received a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Their project will be dedicated to the analysis of genes and proteins in nerve cells of lampreys, which could help in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. ITMO.NEWS met the scientist to find out more about his research.


  • ITMO Scientists’ Project for Facilitating Transition to Industry 4.0 Wins Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Sirius Center

    The Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the “Talent and Success” educational foundation (the Sirius center) have announced the results of their joint contest “Scientific mentorship”. This contest is aimed at supporting fundamental research conducted by young scientists working under the guidance of experienced researchers. Among the teams applying for the contest was a research group from ITMO University, who develop distributed finite-state machines for controlling robotic factories, sorting centers and other similar systems. Designed to help companies make the transition to industry 4.0 standards, their project got the organizers’ support and joined the winners’ ranks. ITMO.NEWS spoke to a representative of the project group to find out exactly how the scientists’ work will help the companies.


  • ITMO’s PhD Student Awarded a Grant for Researching Natural Protein-Based Preservatives

    Georgiy Ryabinin, member of ITMO University’s International Research Center “Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium” and PhD student at the Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering, has won a competition on the best project in the field of basic scientific research organized by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). ITMO.NEWS spoke with Georgiy and his scientific advisor, associate professor and head of the Center Denis Baranenko to find out what makes the search for new antimicrobial agents so topical, how chemical preservatives harm the environment, and what tasks their research currently faces.