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  • Modern Brands Inspired by Russian Culture and Folklore: Part II

    As promised, here’s the second part of our favorite folklore-inspired brands from Russia. This time, the list includes jewelry, ceramics, makeup, and clothing items designed with love for local traditions.


  • Modern Brands Inspired by Russian Culture and Folklore: Part I

    Every other week we talk about all things Russian, including traditions and crafts, which we’re particularly fond of. And judging by the amount of creators inspired by local folklore, we’re not the only ones! Here are some of our favorite brands and craftsmen who bring together traditions and modernity in most unique and creative ways.


  • Celebrate April Fool’s Day Like a Russian

    There's only one rule on April 1 in Russia – trust no one. It sounds friendlier in the original language – “Первое апреля – никому не верю” – but the fact remains: the tradition of pranking has remained strong for centuries. Whether you're looking for cringeworthy jokes to play on your friends or want to avoid getting caught off-guard yourself, dive into our story.


  • 5 Phrases to Master the Russian Language

    Despite the general belief, memorizing Russian grammar and phonetic rules can be simple and also fun. The secret is… Learn these five amusing yet helpful phrases to slay the Russian case system, tricky word endings, and, worst of all, stresses.


  • Three Keys to Deciphering Slavic Folklore Symbols

    ​Every culture has its own unique set of signs and patterns that, according to local beliefs, have the power to protect those who use them and help them prosper. You can find these symbols everywhere: on houses, on traditional clothing, and on other everyday objects. It’s hard to realize their full meaning today, but let us try.


  • Express Your Emotions Like a Russian

    What would you say if you stubbed your toe? And what about if you saw a cute little cat or doggo? And which words do you dread leaving your mouth the most when you’ve already clicked “send?” In this article, we will look into some common interjections that will help you describe the multitude of your emotions and feelings the Russian way.


  • How to Start New Year Properly According to Russian Folk Culture

    There are numerous dos and don’ts in folk culture when it comes to winter holidays, since this is one of the most crucial periods of the year that sets the tone for how the next year is going to go. Are some of these still applicable today? Can we learn anything from them? Let’s find out.


  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Snacks & Appetizers

    With Olivier, furry herring, and a zillion other mayo mixes, Russians take their festive foods very seriously. Apart from these New Year’s mainstays, the tables will soon be piled high with other, no less delicious meals that are a hit with everyone.


  • Not Just Cheese: Russian Dairy Products Explained

    Even if you’ve not been here long, you will already have noticed – Russians sure love their dairy products! But among the familiar items on the store shelves, you’ll surely notice many curiosities, too. Though they may sound, look (or even smell) strange, your inner foodie will definitely appreciate the chance to try these new flavors and savor the rich variety. Today, we’ll tell you about the key Russian dairy products you should add to your shopping list.


  • International Student's Handbook: Student Slang at ITMO University

    Maga? Preza? Decode ITMO student lingo with our concise dictionary of slang words you might hear on-campus.