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  • Not Just Cheese: Russian Dairy Products Explained

    Even if you’ve not been here long, you will already have noticed – Russians sure love their dairy products! But among the familiar items on the store shelves, you’ll surely notice many curiosities, too. Though they may sound, look (or even smell) strange, your inner foodie will definitely appreciate the chance to try these new flavors and savor the rich variety. Today, we’ll tell you about the key Russian dairy products you should add to your shopping list.


  • International Student's Handbook: Student Slang at ITMO University

    Maga? Preza? Decode ITMO student lingo with our concise dictionary of slang words you might hear on-campus.


  • Documentaries About Russia: Our Picks For Every Taste

    Watching a documentary film on a topic you’re interested in is probably the easiest way to both relax and learn something new. Here are several selected titles you can add to your watchlist if you feel like exploring Russia from different angles without leaving your couch.


  • Writing as a Form of Art: Calligraphy in Ancient Russia

    Studying and writing go hand in hand, even in the digital age. So, for some inspiration as the new academic year begins, let's talk about how it was done in the past.


  • Five Soviet Cartoon Characters That Became Memes

    While the viral Barbenheimer and classic pointing-Spider-Man memes might be only the tip of the iceberg, Russian online culture can boast a treasure trove of lesser-known, niche memes that, among many other things, depict well-liked characters from iconic Soviet cartoons – and they’re not that kid-friendly.


  • Anthills and Potatoes: Popular Russian Desserts with Unique and Funny Names

    Do Russians eat ants for dessert? Why do they sell potatoes at bakeries? And why would one buy a rum-woman early in the morning? In Russia, there are plenty of desserts with less-than-delicious names – but trust us, you'd be a fool not to try them.


  • Not for the Faint-Hearted: The Longest Russian Tongue-Twister

    With a whopping 434 (!) words, a tongue-twister titled Liguria bears the title of the longest tongue-twister in Russian. What does it sound like and is it possible to get it all right?  


  • How Cyrillic Script Came to Be

    As you probably know, in Russia we use the Cyrillic alphabet as opposed to Latin. Why is that so, where did it come from, and were there other Slavonic scripts in the past?


  • Smolensk: Rediscovering My Medieval Hometown

    Centuries of history, legends, 12th-century churches, and an awe-inspiring fortress wall – all hidden in a small town in the heart of Russia. Are you curious to learn more?


  • Handling Everyday Situations in Russian

    It takes courage to be an international student – in addition to the usual struggles of academic life, you’re also supposed to adjust to a whole new environment. This might be hard at first, but we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it. Let’s discuss what to say in three situations you’ll probably find yourself in while living in Russia.