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  • Sending Your Parcels in Russia and Beyond: Delivery Services 101

    Whether you are looking to send a box full of presents home or a souvenir to a friend in another Russian city, there are many options you can turn to in terms of delivery services. From slow and steady to fast and furious, here is how you can get your parcel delivered. 


  • How Can Russian Post Contribute to Smart City Development

    What can serve as a technological basis for the smart city concept? Big Data. But data is something you have to gather, meaning you have to set sensors, place cameras, maintain this equipment and analyze the information you get. Surely, all of that can be built from scratch with the help of some commercial company. The alternative solution is to use the existing resources of a governmental organization, namely the Russian Post. Maria Pavlovskaya, student at the Department of State Information Systems Management and staff member of FSUE Russian Post’s Enterprise Architecture Department, used it as the topic of her Master’s thesis that won the best article prize at the Smart Cities Conference in Bucharest.