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  • The 5 Railway Terminals of St. Petersburg

    In this companion piece to our destinations article, let’s find out more about the history and quirks of our city’s five major railway stations, or vokzals as they are known in Russian.


  • ITMO Researchers Involved in Developing Driverless Train

    Since February 2021, ITMO University, together with the Research and Design Institute for Information Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation (JSC NIIAS) collaborated on the development of a driverless train that will be launched in Moscow Central Circle. The staff and students of the Faculty of Secure Information Technologies have the task of proving the functional safety of automated railway transportation. ITMO.NEWS talked to Ilya Popov, the project’s head from ITMO’s side, and learned about testing trains in a lab, about when the transition to complete automation is expected to take place, and what are the key problems that are yet to be solved in this field.


  • ITMO's New Master's Program: Quantum Technologies in the Industry

    ​The new corporate Master’s program is being launched this year in collaboration with an industrial partner – Russian Railways. In the course of the program, students will get the opportunity to work on real projects under the guidance of the company’s mentors.